How to Price Your Business Coaching Services (And Win Back Your Time)

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Are you selling yourself short when it comes to pricing your coaching services?  Ask too much, and you’ll struggle to book new clients; ask too little, and potential clients might question the value of what you do.  Your coaching rates will depend on several factors, including your coaching niche, what your competitors charge, how much […]

How to Find Your Business Coaching Niche (and Why It Matters)

Finding a coaching niche is your ticket to a roster of clients who are craving exactly what you can teach. When you’re craving fresh pasta with mountains of cheese and sauce, bursting with fresh tomatoes and garlic – where do you go? You go to the Italian restaurant where the owners have perfected their specialty […]

How to Start a Coaching Business

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Thinking about starting a coaching business? Here are two things you should know before going any further. One, serving a wider audience isn’t necessarily better. Some of the most successful coaches today are specialists. Second, it’s tough to build and scale a thriving coaching business while maintaining your own work-life balance. You need a niche, […]