How to Start a Seacret Direct Business: 3 Ways to Thrive

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Is there a secret formula to becoming a successful agent with Seacret Direct?

Yes, there is! And it’s the same one that works for any network marketing company.

Learning to sell Seacret Direct products, from skin and body care products to nutritional supplements, is just the start.

To take full advantage of the power of network marketing, you need a proven, repeatable processes to:

  • Share your story
  • Form authentic connections
  • Mentor like-minded people who want to follow in your footsteps

In short, you need more than just sales skills; you need leadership and networking skills! 

Easier said than done, trust me – I know! But anything is possible when you believe in the company and its products.

Seacret offers skincare products for the face and body (facial wash, toner, mud masks, body mud, massage oil, soap, Dead Sea bath salts, and body butter – and more!) and supplements (aiding with digestion, immunity, and cellular regeneration to name a few). 

Still, no matter how much you love what Seacret offers, you have to have a realistic plan in place to succeed.

Keep scrolling for a solid blueprint to build a thriving business as a Seacret Direct agent.

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Why Build a Seacret Direct Business?

As an agent with Seacret Direct, you won’t just be selling products – you’ll be promoting a lifestyle movement that connects and supports like-minded people. When you start a Seacret business, you’re changing the lives of those you work with to create the life you’ve always wanted.

partners discussing new opportunities

However, to be successful in a Multilevel Marketing business (MLM for short), you need to find a company you believe in. On top of that, it has to check all the boxes that make it simple for you to succeed – and Seacret Direct does precisely that. 

  • Leadership. Seacret Direct has established its leadership in direct marketing sales, helping its agents by setting them up with the right tools to support and keep a business organized, connected, and efficient, including a personal website, and the Seacret Direct App.
  • Established. Seacret is a family-founded business that has grown to over 900 locations since its founding in 2011.
  • Good Product. Seacret isn’t just beauty products or supplements – it’s a lifestyle. Seacret has earned the trust of its customers and agents due to its commitment to healthy, high-quality, clean ingredients and the highest standards of product manufacturing and service. But CEO Ben Shabat and his family think Seacret’s most significant achievement is its community of fantastic agents who share a commitment to being of service, integrity, and positivity. 
  • Systems that support momentum and simplicity. As a Seacret Direct business builder, determination and momentum are positively rewarded, while supporting a business model built on authenticity and simplicity.

Making Money With a Seacret Direct Business

The goal of many MLMs is to go beyond selling products and become a leader – helping others achieve the same success as you. 

Seacret has several resources in place to help agents start off on the right foot. By taking advantage of their community of members to answer your questions and the Seacret Direct App – you’ll be well on your way. 

However, to reach the next level as an agent – making real money in your business – you need to know how to win people over and invite them to join your team. 

colleagues happy to work together

There is a three-stage customer journey in direct sales, as leads discover the product, engage with it, and take action. Follow these tips to maximize conversions at each stage:

1. Discovery: Generate Interest 

When first starting as an agent with Seacret, you need to focus on generating interest in both the products and the business. This will take time, but it’s worth the effort.

The goal at this stage is to connect with as many people as possible that have similar interests. Not to sell to them, but to gauge their interest and start the conversation.

  • Ask the right questions. Don’t just jump right into why someone should buy your Seacret products. Instead, ask them questions about themselves. Host an event and invite friends and neighbors. Ensure you’re in a comfortable environment where everyone feels natural and willing to give you answers that help get to the heart of who they are and will create curiosity about your business.
  • Capture leads with surveys. Use short and to-the-point surveys on your website and social media to gauge interest in your business and discover what your contacts enjoy most about Seacret. You’ll also learn if there are other products that might help them achieve their goals and dreams, while getting contact information of people who might want to start their own businesses.
  • Use social media (don’t let it use you!). Social media is a great way to generate leads. Just make sure it doesn’t use you! Ensure this by using social media posts and communities to generate interest. Just make sure there’s always a path to your website or email list. This way, you can communicate directly with interested people. Don’t forget to encourage interested people to contact you, and leave your DMs open!
  • Connect with people authentically. Since you believe in the products you’re selling, there are likely others who will, too – once they learn about it! Connecting with those already interested in the health and beauty care products Seacret offers should feel natural – not awkward or insincere. Think of this part of the selling process as having a casual conversation with friends over coffee.

2. Engagement: Add Sizzle 

Running a business means you’ll always be looking for new leads. 

But to build your business and lead a team, you have to transform initial curiosity into excitement about the possibilities of a Seacret Direct business.

excited person talking on the phone

This is where many people in direct sales struggle. They have difficulty keeping track of leads, and as a result, many opportunities fall through because of a lack of follow-up.

You might be unsure how often to contact people or worry about coming off as too “salesy,” but when you have the right processes in place, relationship-building becomes second nature. Adding tools like RapidFunnel to the mix only makes it easier.

The following tips can help you engage with people who have already shown interest – your job at this point is to add sizzle.

  • Find common ground. Once you have a group of people expressing interest in a Seacret Direct business, find common ground with them. Many will probably already use Seacret products – but in what other areas do you share similarities? Focus on them to create authentic connections with leads as you grow your network.
  • Be a storyteller. No one wants to be sold to. They want to hear stories. What personal anecdotes do you have to share? What happened in your life when you first started using Seacret products and became an agent?
  • Share resources. Do you have a helpful resource to share? That’s the perfect reason to reach out and engage with a prospect – no selling involved! Sharing tips on skin and hair care, nutrition, ways to boost your energy, and how to get the most out of Seacret products helps you continually build exposure to the story.

3. Invitation: Taking Action

Once you’ve engaged with your leads and started building your preferred customer contacts, you want to invite them to join your team.

It should be as easy as possible for people to take the next step – and adding a compelling CTA (call to action) to all of your communications is crucial.

  • What’s Your CTA? Your call to action should be clearly stated and easy to follow – don’t make it hard to find or offer multiple options for people to choose from. Focus on one clear ask, like clicking a link, reading a blog post, or signing up to receive a free resource by email.
  • Focus on pain points – not Buy, Sell, or Join. Write every CTA around a problem you can help people solve instead of directing them to buy more or start selling Seacret products. For example, your CTA could be
    • “Feeling low on energy? Click here to find out how to boost your stamina with our Seacret Recovery Supplement!” OR
    • “Trying to find ways be your authentic self and start a new business venture? Click here to find out how!”

From there, they can purchase the products or join your team.

3 Steps to Succeeding With the Seacret Direct Business Model 

In the world of network marketing, people often overpromise on the money, freedom, and extravagant lifestyle.

But to make it to those coveted ranks where top performers are running a thriving business, focus on doing three things very well – over and over and over again: share the story, build the connection, coach a new agent, repeat! (You get the idea!)

Success with the Seacret Direct sales business model is based on how fast you can share the Seacret business story with retail customers, turn them into preferred customers, and help those looking to start their own successful business become thriving agents on your team.

There are three ingredients to making this work for you and the people you help:

  1. Focus on telling the story as often as you can. For those interested in Seacret products, you can never share the story too much. Make sure to keep your leads engaged by regularly communicating with them.
  2. Commit to high-quality communication and exposure. This is where authentic engagement is essential. Make sure you don’t spam your leads, or send them poorly written newsletters. Keep your stories genuine, heartfelt, and accurate—quality matters in generating and maintaining leads.
  3. Teach steps 1 and 2 over and over. As you grow your direct sales team, you’ll want to ensure they’re also following steps 1 and 2. The more everyone grows their business, the more everyone succeeds.

Your leadership skills are essential as you grow your team. Your talent to tell a story, ability to follow up effectively, and skill at teaching those first two steps will win the day.

One last (very important) thing to keep in mind: Keep it simple.

To lead your team to success, don’t overcomplicate things. Complexity kills, and a confused mind does nothing. Make it too complex or difficult, and everyone fails.

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Made for Seacret Direct Agents

Customized for your business with all the resources and tools you need to power up your prospecting and boost your income potential.
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This is why the right tools are so essential to your success. The RapidFunnel App streamlines and automates all three steps of growing your business:

  • Telling your story
  • Authentic sharing
  • Coaching your team

The more you repeat this simple formula, the more you can succeed with the Seacret Direct business model. 

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