Remote Coaching in a Virtual World: Freedom and Scalability

Remote coaching

Strong relationships are the heart and soul of successful coaching. Remote coaching does not detract from that essential core. It’s an opportunity to build it up!

Coaches are finding effective ways to build relationships online, partly because the entire industry was forced into it during a global pandemic.

But remote coaching has evolved into so much more than a stop-gap between in-person meetings.

It’s a whole different model, with better technology empowering coaches to scale their business, build strong connections, and help more people than ever achieve meaningful success. 

So, what does it take to build a thriving remote coaching business? 

Let’s talk about the strategies, tools, and mindsets behind successful coaching in a virtual world.

What Is Remote Coaching?

In short, remote coaching means taking your coaching relationship to an online platform rather than meeting your clients in person. Your coaching services can be offered via live video chat for one-on-one client meetings and enhanced via phone, text, email, and apps like RapidFunnel

Incorporating video how-tos, PDF guides or booklets, surveys, and more into your online coaching service enhances what you have to offer.

If you’re a niche business coach, you can help your clients in even more ways that directly impact their ability to implement your advice. You can help them write a business plan and prepare for sales calls through a coaching platform, provide customizable marketing materials, and offer tactical support in their daily interactions.

With a few simple tools, you can streamline your services and keep track of all your coaching relationships! 

What Makes a Great Remote Coach?

What Makes a Great Remote Coach?

Successful and effective coaching is all about trust and communication. Whether you’re fully digital or not, your clients’ success depends on:

  • Being able to reach you when you say you’ll be available 
  • Finding value in what you have to offer
  • The ability to make real changes based on your advice

The virtual coach is no different.

If you’re an effective problem-solver and communicator — as well as personable, understanding, empathetic, and responsive — there’s no reason why you can’t offer a successful online coaching service.

Today’s virtual coach needs to be able to leverage multiple channels of communication and respond promptly to their clients’ requests. Make sure to offer your clients different ways to get in touch with you, let them know when you’re available, and always respond within the timeframe you’ve promised. 

It comes down to speed and frequency of communication, both of which are improved when you fully leverage digital tools in your coaching practice.

When you do meet face-to-face with your clients in a live virtual coaching session, make it count. Turn off your devices and focus on your client. A face-to-face video chat is no different than if you were meeting with them in the same room, and your clients deserve your full attention. 

How Remote Coaching Frees up Time, Promotes Work/Life Balance, and Helps You Scale

If you’re used to meeting with clients in person, it can be hard to transition to remote coaching, but there are many benefits to going all-in virtually. 

For one, you save a lot of time. You can meet with more clients in virtual meetings when you don’t have to commute to an office and spend time setting up. And, as many newly remote workers learned during the pandemic, no commute means saving time and money.

Plus, you can work from anywhere! 

While it’s best to create a work schedule for yourself and stick to it, remote coaching means you’re never chained to a desk. 

You can work from anywhere

There’s no reason you can’t work from a resort halfway around the world or a cabin in the woods, as long as you have a solid Internet connection. Even a mobile hotspot can carry you through in areas lacking WiFi. 

Going remote allows you to adopt a different mindset about coaching. It goes beyond setting your own schedule and work location because you can connect in meaningful ways without hours of meetings or being on call.

Have 15 minutes while you wait at your kid’s soccer practice? You can check in with a few clients by text or answer questions in your dedicated forum. 

Taking the afternoon off to go for a hike? Your clients can access the resources they need 24-7 in a digital platform, even when you’re offline.

But the most impactful benefit of embracing remote coaching is the ability to scale beyond one-on-one client work.

With the right platform, you can create coaching packages that aren’t limited by your time. Instead, you can build a business around scalable subscription-based coaching, providing all the resources and tactical support clients need to accomplish their goals, through a fully-loaded virtual platform.

What Do Remote Coaches Need to Succeed?

In addition to your winning personality, it should go without saying that you’ll need a number of digital tools to succeed as a remote coach. 

You’ll need the basic remote office hardware (laptop and smartphone), as well as a strong WiFi connection to ensure you respond quickly to clients. As you start marketing your coaching services, you’ll need a website, social media, and other strategies to build your client base.

But don’t stop there. Remote coaching technology can power your business way beyond marketing. The right tools can facilitate more frequent touchpoints with clients, and deliver more value without taking up more of your time.

Authentic Sharing Technology (AST)

With RapidFunnel’s Authentic Sharing Technology(AST) you can easily scale your business to reach more people than ever before while still connecting in meaningful ways with a growing number of clients.

A remote coaching app keeps all your content together while you seamlessly move between tasks, such as meeting with a client and marketing your business.

New Technology in Remote Coaching to Rapidly Scale Your Success

Remote coaches are growing their businesses faster than ever. The demand is skyrocketing as more and more of the workforce becomes remote.

This makes it an excellent time to promote virtual coaching!

Remote coaching

People looking for coaches want the freedom and flexibility to choose one based on their needs, not their location. 

It’s a net benefit for coaches who don’t limit themselves to location – or old models of providing advice. Online coaching platforms can house all of your coaching materials under one “mobile first” umbrella, making it easy for you to conduct business from your smartphone or laptop, or anywhere in the world. 

Tools like RapidFunnel App help you create a passive income stream by making it easy to offer subscription-based niche business coaching. While you scale your business faster, your clients access everything they need in one easy-to-use platform that powers their success. 

If you’re considering going digital, or you’ve already taken your coaching business fully remote, there’s no reason you can’t be successful! 

Learn more about how the right technology can help you scale your niche coaching business. Check out the RapidFunnel App today.

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