Give Your App A Boost With Our Reignite Program!

Reignite the App – Reintroduction of the App to an account to reengage App users and possibly attract new users by utilizing all the App features. This can be accomplished in tandem with annual events, product launches, or any company/team event. Find new and creative ways to utilize App features by creating new Resources, Categories, Social Elements, Campaigns, Events, Contests, Broadcasts, Coaching, Teammates, leads, API connections, or any other feature of the App applicable for a Reignite the App Call.

Let’s Reignite The App!

The Reignite the App Call, at most, should be planned quarterly or at a minimum biannually. There is a minimum 4-week turnaround if all milestones deadlines are met.

Reignite the App Checklist 

  1. Decision and Planning – Determining the goal, needs, and challenges of the account.
    • Needs analysis & discovery
    • Determine what will be the attraction to users for the Reignite the App Call.
    • Determine Reignite the App Call Date
  2. Design Phase
    • Set a deadline for all elements to be provided by the account
  3. Development Phase
    • This is the part where the GTE works on Account Updates
  4. Testing Phase
    • Launching the App updates to a select crowd to test, collect feedback, and finalize changes before launching to the field through the Reignite the App Call.
  5. Launch & Completion

Details of the Reignite the App Process

Decision and Planning

  1. Needs Analysis and Discovery is the first step of the Reignite the App process. GTEs must do the following:
    1. Identify the goal of the account in the next 3 months 
    2. Determine their needs and challenges that need to be addressed to achieve the account’s goals 
    3. Understand the field’s experience with the App 
    4. Gather information to help us serve the leaders and the organization better 
    5. Other feedback will be based on the information the client gives during the New Launch Discovery Call 
  2. Determining the attraction to users for the Reignite the App Call – In this step, we determine the attraction for the Reignite the App Call. Attraction refers to the highlight of the Reignite the App Call. GTEs must determine the following:
    1. The attraction of the Reignite the App Call
      1. Ex. New resources, new products, new processes, new leader, new App features etc. 
  3. Determining the Reignite the App Call Date – After the Reignite the App Discovery Call, the GTE must ask the leader about their target Reignite the App Call date and assess if the date they give is reasonable. After setting a date, the GTE must create an event placeholder for it in the Google Calendar and include GTE, GTL, and the account leader’s email address. 

Design Phase

GTE must know the elements needed and the time required to finish all the work before the Development phase. 

  1. Determine elements needed to be submitted by the Account Leaders and his or her team
  2. Set a deadline for submission – must adhere strictly to the deadline
  3. Always follow up in the event of a delay 

After we determine the needs for the Reignite the App Call and the timeframe required to submit elements and finish work needed before the testing phase, send a written summary to the Grow Team Leader and the leaders of the account that requested the new launch. 

Development Phase

The development phase is the stage where all the required work before launch is done. The development phase will officially start after all elements have been submitted to the GTE by the Account Leader. 

Testing Phase 

After the development phase, the App will be tested by the leaders in the account. During this stage, GTEs must be open to feedback or minor alterations to the finished product. 

  1. GTE’s will show the App to the leaders
  2. The leaders and their selected members will test the App for few days 
  3. GTEs must perform necessary alterations if needed 
  4. Prepare for Field New Launch

Launch and Completion 

This is the official Reignite the App Call where the App, the updates, and other Attractions are introduced to the field. 

Standard Reignite the App Format 

This is the program sequence during the Reignite the App Call:

  1. Host to make introductions
  2. Introduce the winners of the recently ended contest
  3. Introduce the new contest 
  4. Account Host Leader: Edify Launch Speaker (Internal Power User, GTL, GTE, CEO or RF SALE REP)
  5. App Overview, User Training, and Best Practices
    1. Get App 
    2. Account Settings 
    3. Notifications 
    4. Add a Contact
    5. Send Resources 
    6. Personal Resources 
    7. Events 
    8. Campaign 
    9. Dashboard
    10. Support 
    11. Comparison of Premium vs. Standard 
    12. Facebook Messenger Chatbot 
    13. Contact Journey 
    14. Business Card 
  6. Introduction of new features 
  7. Question and Answer
  8. Call to action

The App is a living and breathing creature. We are always working on updating features to serve you better. Your business processes may evolve which may require you to make changes to the App. Consequently, the App needs to be reintroduced to the field to make sure everyone knows how to use it effectively. 

Let us help you by booking a call with your Grow Team Expert to see what you need to Reignite your App!

Let’s Reignite The App!