Product Release Update 10/21/2022

Android Version 7.3.1/iOS Version 7.3.0  Updates and Bug Fixes 10-20-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE  – iOS Version 7.3.0(already live in Android and web) – New “Skip Billing Screen” option has been added under “Manage Billing” page for RF Admin so accounts can be set to skip payment options during new user sign up and automatically start all users as Standard users, who can upgrade to premium at any time

2) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Auto layout constraints have been added for improved responsiveness in iOS on Contact Details, Activity Log, Contact Labels and New Contact screens so they look good on all devices, regardless of screen size

3) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – For personal events,”Type” field has been changed to “Event Type” so it is consistent with Android

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Appropriate error message now comes up if iCue integration fails

5) BUG FIX – Android – Upgrade banner no longer sometimes still shows when user is a Premium user

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 10-21-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – “User Campaign” has been renamed to “User Guide”

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Description field now shows more text before being truncated when viewing Category View of Resources table in web

3) FEATURE UPDATE – The Source of contacts created through ServiceTitan integration now show as “Added Via API”

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