Product Release Update 12/4/2020

1) BUG FIX – iOS – “None” now shows as an option when assigning campaigns in-app(see below screenshot)

2) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Personal events are now distinguished by “Type” as well as “Category” so they work the same way as in the back office(see below screenshot)

3) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – There is now only one date for a personal event, to avoid any complications with people trying to create repeat events as multiple day events in-app(see below screenshot)

4) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Font size and formatting has been updated for Description of Coaching Course Module(see below screenshot)

5) BUG FIX – iOS – User Name that contains “&” no longer causes issues with the body of the Gmail email not showing when sending event invites from iOS app(see below screenshot)

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 12-4-2020 

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Notification field has been added back for repeat events and when notification is set, it will be sent for each event in the series(see below screenshot)

2) BUG FIX – “i” button now works correctly when Admin/Group Code Manager views Past Contests(see below screenshot)

3) FEATURE UPDATE – “Labels” column has been added to Contacts table(see below screenshot)

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Default OptIn email has been updated for newly created accounts(see below screenshot)

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Back Office – Change has been made so there is only one “Date” field when creating PERSONAL event in web(see below screenshot)

6) FEATURE UPDATE – When contacts are repeatedly imported using the same csv file, validation has now been added for first name, phone in order to prevent duplicate contacts from being added to our application(see below screenshot)

7) BUG FIX – When deleting Admin label, the message no longer shows a different number of contacts than contact Advanced Search by that same label, due to deleted contacts no longer being counted(see below screenshots)

8 ) BUG FIX – Emails Sent via System number is no longer sometimes incorrect for Group Code Manager(see below screenshot)

9) BUG FIX – HTML characters are no longer present in the content placeholders list for some System Emails(see below screenshot)

10) BUG FIX – Incorrect spelling of States for United Arab Emirates in Events Creation has been fixed(see below screenshot)

11) BUG FIX – Redirect Domain Name for Personalized Resources is no longer defaulting to “http” rather than “https” for default domain “” if the field is blank, which was causing the resource to not open(see below screenshot)

12) BUG FIX – White Labeled Accounts – “RapidFunnel” no longer appears in New User sign up process via their branded domain, such as ““(see below screenshot)

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