Product Release Update 12/25/2020

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Entire description now shows for coaching module, even when description is long(see below screenshot)

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Copy has been updated in teammate request push notification, to make the notification more clearNew message: “Please click here to respond to the teammate request from <requesterFirstName> <requesterLastName>.”
(see below screenshots)

3) FEATURE UPDATE – RF Admin can now choose whether or not to prorate subscriptions when doing a bulk change to users(see below screenshot)

4) BUG FIX – Restricted users can now access contact details on web app, in order to change campaign assignment to “None” when trying to increase optIn percentage(see below screenshot)

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Header is now frozen for Contacts Data table, so user can see the names of each column when scrolling through contacts(see below screenshot)

6) FEATURE UPDATE – When No Filter is chosen for Date Range, Contact Statistics for Exposure vs Engagements graph pull data for the last 18 months, instead of 12 months(see below screenshot)

7) BUG FIX – RF Admin sorting users by “User type” column no longer causes JSON error(see below screenshot)

8 ) FEATURE UPDATE –  Client/vendor can now do a “lookup” for a UserID for a user based on their company accountId and email, rep-id or rep-id2.External clients/vendors often have need to post contacts into a User’s account or otherwise interface with a User via API.  To facilitate this, we now provide an API endpoint that allows them to send the AccountID AND one of 3 pieces of information to get the UserID of the matching user: email, rep-id, Rep-id2(see below screenshot)

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