Product Release Update 12/11/2020

1) NEW FEATURE – iOS – Unread push notifications alert now shows on “More” button and on “Notifications”(see below screenshots)

2) BUG FIX – iOS – Inactive campaigns no longer show on Campaigns screen or “Assign Campaign” screen(see below screenshot)

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 12-11-20201) BUG FIX –  Advanced Search by Category is now working for resources in accounts where personal resources are enabled(see below screenshot)

2) FEATURE UPDATE –  “Custom Page” has been changed to “Page” throughout the application(see below screenshot)

3) FEATURE UPDATE – The page details portion of a page type resources can now be viewed/edited and saved without going to the page builder screen in order to save(see below screenshots)

4) FEATURE UPDATE – “Labels” column has been removed from Contacts table until loading for this table can be optimized in the future(see below screenshot)

5) FEATURE UPDATE – “Manage Categories” button has been removed for Group Code Manager for Campaigns(see below screenshot)

6) BUG FIX – Group Code Manager and Limited Group Code Manager now see stats for all users in their group(s) for ‘TOTAL EMAILS SENT’ so data is consistent with the ‘Email Sent Via System” graph(see below screenshot)

7) BUG FIX –  For RF Admin Broadcast email, “Download Recipient List” now works correctly(see below screenshot )

8) FEATURE UPDATE – For “All Engagement” type contests, the option to choose specific campaigns has been removed. All campaigns in the chosen group(s) for the contest are now automatically included(see below screenshot)

9) BUG FIX – Some users are no longer getting an error when they try to send a resource from Contacts table(see below screenshot)

10) BUG FIX –  All tooltips are now showing with correct copy in “Contact Information” widget in the back office(see below screenshot)

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