Product Release Update 8/6/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 8-6-2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE(REVIEW) – [accountName] placeholder works correctly in User Campaign

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Summernote javascript library version has been updated to 0.8.18 for the WYSIWYG editor used throughout our application and should help with some of the intermittent display issues around fonts and spacing PLEASE TEST NEW OPTIN AND CAMPAIGN EMAILS. WE ARE STILL SEEING INTERMITTENT SPACING ISSUES 

3) BUG FIX – Digital Business Card – Preview in App is no longer distorted when using Large Font Display in phone settings

4) FEATURE UPDATE – “Share Resource” and “Share Business Card” buttons are now enabled for unsubscribed contacts, but after clicking, the EMAIL button is disabled

5) FEATURE UPDATE – After contact opts out(unsubscribe/spam complaint) their campaign assignment now automatically changes to “None” since they can no longer be contacted via email. This has been updated for existing users as well

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Web – Campaigns – Account Manager and Account Supervisor user roles are now able to create new campaigns

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Web – Contests & Promos – Account Manager & Account Supervisor now have add/edit options for Current Contests

8) BUG FIX – Stats columns and Resources column are now consistently showing for Account Admin/Manager when viewing campaign emails

9) BUG FIX –  Images are no longer missing in some page resources

10) FEATURE UPDATE – “Groups” filter option no longer shows when sending Broadcast as RF Admin

11) FEATURE UPDATE – Correct user status now shows for External Billing account users in Account Users table and in user details screen for RF-Admin.

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