Product Release Update 8/20/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 8-20-2021

1) BUG FIX – Labels can now be added to contacts in web

2) FEATURE UPDATE – “Resend OptIn” button has been moved has been moved from Contacts table “Action” column to “Campaign” column

3) BUG FIX – When contact is added via referral form “Relation” is now added to Notes for referred or referring contact

4) BUG FIX – Every time a referral form is submitted, a new “Referred” label is no longer added to Labels

5) FEATURE UPDATE – TikTok and WhatsApp have been added as social media url options in user profile, when enabled for account by RF Admin. These placeholders work in resources and event invite messages and the fields will soon be added to mobile apps 

6) FEATURE UPDATE –  “Digital Business Card” feature is now enabled by default for all new accounts

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Digital Business Card – In mobile apps, link to “Powered by RapidFunnel” has been disabled and the following pop up message now shows when user tries to access icon/button links in preview mode: “Links will not work when previewing card” (edited) 

8) BUG FIX – Resources are now consistently getting created from Category view

9) BUG FIX – Duplicating resources now works correctly

10) FEATURE UPDATE – Video resources now use branding colors by default unless creator/editor chooses different colors when creating/editing the resource

11) FEATURE UPDATE – [customBookingLink] placeholder now works correctly in resource messages, including Plain Text type resources

12) FEATURE UPDATE – Campaigns – For newly created accounts,  [PhoneNumber] placeholder for default Opt In email has been changed to [senderPhone]

13) FEATURE UPDATE – Additional space has been added between line breaks for survey responses in contact Notes

14) BUG FIX – Personal Resources can now consistently be deleted in mobile apps

15) BUG FIX –  Price point selection element now shows all available options

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