Product Release Update 7/16/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 7-16-2021 

1) BUG FIX – Contact sorting by “New to Old” and “Old to New” is now working correctly in mobile apps

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Account Manager and Account Supervisor now have permissions to rearrange resources within categories, just like Account Admin

3) FEATURE UPDATE – When user shares a resource to a contact, clicking on “SELECT RESOURCE” now brings up Category view instead of List view

4) FEATURE UPDATE – When a user emails a resource or event invite, after clicking “SELECT CONTACT” button, the Contacts table now only shows contacts who have an email address since other contacts cannot be chosen

5) FEATURE UPDATE – All Marketplace items are now set to “Enabled” by default when RF Admin creates a new account

6) BUG FIX – JSON formatting error no longer shows in Contacts page while sorting the columns when ‘Contact Transfer’ feature is disabled

7) BUG FIX – Sending emails from a custom domain is now working correctly in all scenarios , when set under account Branding by RF Admin

8) FEATURE UPDATE – When adding a webinar to calendar, the start time now shows in viewer’s device time zone, instead of UTC

9) FEATURE UPDATE – All categories and campaigns with no categories now show on the same page in Category View of Campaigns

10) BUG FIX –  Resource Engagement Analysis modal now shows correctly in Resource “Stats View”

New Mobile Version 5.1.3 Updates and Bug Fixes 7-18-2021 1) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Arrow has been added to Status Details modal so user knows they can tap to be taken somewhere(to Activity Log for more details) 

2) BUG FIX – iOS – Edits to Reminders are now saving

3) BUG FIX – iOS – Edits to profile fields can now be saved without tapping Done button

4) BUG FIX – Android – when user hits back button after opening a contact from Contacts screen, user is now taken to the same contact in the list instead of to the top of the list5) BUG FIX – Android – Search bar key word search now works for Notes on Contacts screen

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Android(already live in iOS) – User can now choose a default Phone when sharing a resource/event invite to a contact that has multiple phone numbers

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