Product Release Update 3/26/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 3-26-2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Events can now be duplicated by anyone with editing permissions for the event

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Events Calendar can now be filtered by Category

3) FEATURE UPDATE – User campaign emails can now be set to Day 0 so they will be sent immediately after new user creation

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Account Admin can now edit users without adding a Location (state/country)

5) BUG FIX – Group Code Managers now see correct users, based on their group, for “Initial 48h Stats” on dashboard

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Back Office Dashboard – “Links Clicked per Month Graph” has been renamed to “Campaign Links Clicked per Month Graph”

7) FEATURE UPDATE – GDPR consent translation option has been added

8) FEATURE UPDATE – Additional translations have been added to video page and (custom)page resources

9) FEATURE UPDATE – Additional translations have been added to Events fields

10) BUG FIX –  ‘Yes, Report spam Abuse’ is now working correctly and “Complained” has been changed to “Spam Complaint” throughout our application

11) BUG FIX – Group Admin are no longer seeing Users in their parent group in Account Users table. This has been fixed so they now only see users in their group(s) and CHILD group(s)

12) FEATURE UPDATE  – In the back office, Inactive Resources are no longer visible for Limited Group Code Managers, so Status column no longer shows

13) FEATURE UPDATE – Tool tip has been fixed for “Content Placeholders” widget so there are only capital letters at the beginning of each sentence

14) Assigned Groups tooltip now shows at the top of the table instead of at the bottom

15) FEATURE UPDATE – The success message has been updated after syncing web to mobile when there is a lot of data to sync, so it no longer seems like an error message

16) FEATURE UPDATE – Success message for exporting data has been updated so file type is not specified

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