Product Release Update: Multi Account Feature 3/12/2021

New Mobile Updates and Bug Fixes 3-10-2021

  • Version 4.9.0

1) NEW FEATURE – Android/iOS – Multi account login feature has been added to the RapidFunnel app. Users can now create new account from mobile app with the same email they use in another account and choose appropriate account during login 

2) BUG FIX – Android – Users are now able to scroll to the bottom of leaderboard when there are more than 10 winners in the contest

3) BUG FIX – Android/iOS – A green star now shows for past contests where user achieved goal and Rank/Goal Achieved text correctly shows under contest name

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Design has been updated in the modal that comes up to set a push notification prompt to send a reminder to a contact X amount of time before the event

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 3-12-2021 1) FEATURE UPDATE –  “Status” column has been added to Category view of Resources, for user roles who have editing permissions for company resources

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Survey resources now show multi choice answers under each question when viewed on desktop so it’s more obvious which answers go with each question

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Video page resource viewers are now able to Request a Text as well as a Call from the sender of the resource

4) BUG FIX – Contact export as JSON Link is now working correctly for all accounts

5) FEATURE UPDATE – For LegalShield account ONLY, “Show/Hide” and “Override for Existing Users” options have been added back when Account Admin creates/edits Campaigns and Resources

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