Product Release Update 2/5/2021

1) BUG FIX – Zoom Integration – “connection timed out” Issue has been fixed for both scenarios: 

  • Webinar ended by host but participants had not left from their end
  • Host of meeting hasn’t started but someone tries to join

2) BUG FIX – Action buttons set to show after X mins now show up after the recurring webinar has started (edited) 

3) BUG FIX – When creating or editing a Zoom webinar, the application now lists out all meetings/webinars without any issues

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Groups hierarchy is now shown in a visual way so parent-child relationship can easily be seen

5) FEATURE UPDATE – You can now copy and paste Branding Asset’s Color Picker for RGB, HSL and Hex

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Bulk export is now available for both .CSV and .XLSX (edited) 

7) BUG FIX – Resource links now work in campaign emails in Test Email (edited) 

8 ) BUG FIX – When event is created in mobile app and then that event is edited in web, the option to choose “All Events in the Series” no longer comes up

9) BUG FIX – As an RF Admin user, you can now save a user to trial and s/he is no longer being saved as “Free” (edited) 

10) FEATURE UPDATE –  “Back” button has been added to take the viewer back to the resource even if the user has no RepId in a page that has a button with redirect url that includes a “[repId]” placeholder (edited) 

11) BUG FIX – For RF Admin panel while searching for a user id via URL in address bar, proper error message now appears

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