Product Release Update 2/12/2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Sending an event invite in the Web App can now be shared via social media the same way it works as when sharing resources

2) FEATURE UPDATE –  “Content Placeholders” widget has been added when creating a Link type resource, so the creator/editor can easily see which placeholders can be used in the URL

3) FEATURE UPDATE – On Edit Broadcast Email page, “Bounced” can now be clicked on in order to see a list of the recipient emails that bounced, so corrective action can be taken with those emails

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Refresh Data button in Back Office has been updated and now matches that of RF Admin

5) FEATURE UPDATE – The height of drop down fields has been increased when selecting Resources, Campaigns and Groups for Contests in order to make selection easier

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Logos are no longer stretched on login page

7) BUG FIX – Under Group Hierarchy there is now a space between “the” and “video” in Edit Group Page

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