Product Release Update 12/3/2021

New iOS Mobile Updates and Bug Fixes Version 6.2.2 12-3-2021

1) BUG FIX – iOS – Business card links now open when sent from iPhone 

2) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – ResourceName now opens resource in Notifications

3) BUG FIX – iOS “ignore user payment” user no longer shows upgrade bar in some accounts

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 12-3-2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – CONTACT CAMPAIGNS – All campaign emails can now be sent at the same time for testing, so they do not need to be chosen one at a time to check the entire campaign

2) FEATURE UPDATE –  New user sign up success message has been updated and links to mobile apps have been added

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Default text has been changed to grayed out text that shows anytime the field is empty for mobile app details under Branding as RF Admin

4) FEATURE UPDATE – On new user sign up, “email already exists” validation on Email screen has been updated

5) FEATURE UPDATE – In resource notifications, [resourceName] now shows instead of [resourceType]

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Search feature has been improved to include any word in category name for Event Category

7) BUG FIX – All user roles now see correct pagination and Category drop down in all Resources table views

8) BUG FIX – Public calendar now allows “Canada” to be chosen for “Country” when category has been chosen

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