Product Release Update – Bug Fixes 12/24/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 12-24-2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – The “Text Only” message is now copied with the link when a resource is shared via “COPY” button from Contacts table.

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Users can now re-arrange the buttons in personal business card by drag and drop, so users can easily make changes to the card without re-adding all of the buttons. Set to default button will revert changes back to default business card.

3) FEATURE UPDATE – For repeat events shared with contacts, the “JOIN EVENT” button is now disabled for ALL events EXCEPT the next event

4) FEATURE UPDATE –  [resourceName] instead of [resourceType] now shows in push notifications for all types of resource notifications 

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Delete button no longer shows as grayed out for campaigns for which there are no delete privileges. It now does not show at all. 

6) BUG FIX – Android – Group Code Managers should no longer sometimes see resources in his app that do not belong to their group(s)

7) BUG FIX – ‘Submit’ button now works in page resources viewed from Resources table after edits are made.

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