Product Release Update 12/10/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 12-10-2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – BILLING – The billing system now works in WEB(and soon mobile) with account level configuration options defining behavior of Cancelled/Downgraded/Delinquent users

2) BUG FIX – Users can now cancel their premium subscription after payment fails, with no issues

3) FEATURE UPDATE – USER CAMPAIGN – Campaign creator/editor can now send all emails at the same time for testing

4) FEATURE UPDATE – “Active in Campaign” and “Completed Campaign” stats now show when viewing Campaign Stats on Edit Campaign page

5) FEATURE UPDATE – [appName] image and store url placeholders from RF Admin Branding fields now work for custom page type resources

6) FEATURE UPDATE – resourceName now shows for resource instead of resourceURL in push notifications for Standard users

7) BUG FIX  – In Account Admin view of users table, “User Type” column is now in the correct place

8) BUG FIX  – WYSIWYG editor no longer goes away when clicked on ‘Link’ tab to update the content of page type resource header

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