Product Release Update 11/19/2021

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 11-19-2021 

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Digital Business Card – When a user adds their social media url in the mobile app, it now automatically shows on their business card.  Also, when user enters a url with no “https” it auto-updates in the field after saving 

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Digital Business Card – A loading indicator  has been added when waiting on updates while managing default business card on Branding page

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Contact address fields and [contactCompleteAddress] have been added to to content placeholders for opt-in and campaign emails

4) FEATURE UPDATE – “Failed” and “Partial Failed” have been added as broadcast Status

5) FEATURE UPDATE –  “Mobile App Details” fields have been added to RF Admin Branding pages for updated success page which will include links to mobile apps

6) BUG FIX – When a single event is deleted from a series, it is now removed from public events calendar

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Time zone abbreviations have been cleaned up  to ensure they are correctly aligned with corresponding long name of time zones.

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