Product Release Update 10/29/2021

New Web and Mobile Updates and Bug Fixes Version 6.1.4 1

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – Success and error messages have been updated so they are the same style throughout the app

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Tapping event name under “Notifications” now opens event page

3) BUG FIX – iOS – When sorting is set to “Most Recent” newly added contacts now show at the top and Alphabetical sorting has been fixed

4) BUG FIX – Android/iOS – Default tool tips now show for repIds and Additional Notification Email

5) BUG FIX – Android – Search feature is no longer missing on Campaigns screen

6) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – “x” now shows in upper left corner instead of back arrow when creating a new contact, since user is adding something new to the app

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – Contacts imported in mobile app now show “Imported via mobile” instead of “Entered via mobile” as their “Source”(already live in iOS)

8) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – branding color updates around Primary and Primary Offset colors on top header with tab and text

9) FEATURE UPDATE – Web – A requirements details page now comes up when a user clicks on the Broadcast link in the web application when they have not yet met the requirements for sending broadcasts to their contacts

10) FEATURE UPDATE – A Push Notification is now sent when a User “earns” the ability to send Broadcasts to their contacts(at least 30 contacts assigned to a campaign with at least 30% opt-in rate)

11) FEATURE UPDATE – Updates have been made to Broadcast details and confirmation message has been added before sending, in order to better prevent mistakes

12) FEATURE UPDATE – Development team is now notified via slack and email when a broadcast fails for any reason

13) BUG FIX – Resource links in campaign emails are now working when previewing email

14) FEATURE UPDATE – Contact address fields and [contactCompleteAddress] has been added to to content placeholders for resources(will not yet update correctly when resource is sent from mobile app)

15) BUG FIX – Event time created in “PST/PDT” time zone is no longer showing incorrect time for mobile users in “America/Denver” time zone

16) BUG FIX – “New Contacts Added” graph no longer shows “id” instead of “New Contacts”

17) FEATURE UPDATE – Opt-in success message design has been updated

18) FEATURE UPDATE – The pop up message that comes up when resourceId is invalid after clicking link has been updated

19) BUG FIX – Special characters in file name no longer cause issues viewing pdf resource in some browsers

20) BUG FIX – Labels that were created by Users are no longer being added as an Admin Label

21) BUG FIX – In User Campaign [accountName] is no longer getting replaced with “Company Name”

22) FEATURE UPDATE – During new user sign up, the account is no longer automatically created before user enters payment info, so they can use the Back button on any page to go back and make changes before account is created

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