Product Release Update 1/15/2021

New Mobile Updates

1) NEW FEATURE – Android/iOS – Users can now see details for resources already shared when sending resources from Contact Details screen(see below screenshots)

2) NEW FEATURE – Android(already live in iOS) – Unread push notifications alert now shows on “More” button and on “Notifications”(see below screenshots)

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Data is now cached and loading indicator has been added when data updates on Home screen(see below screenshot)

4) BUG FIX – iOS – Internal Description for personal resources now shows correctly when you tap the resource name(see below screenshot)

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Teammates 3 way call request notifications in More menu now take user to Teammates screen when tapped(see below screenshots)

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – For coaching course module Description ‘Expand’ and ‘Collapse’ have been added in order to view the description when it is longer than three lines(see below screenshot) (edited)

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – “Company Name” field has been added to the User’s profile page under Settings-Account Settings(see below screenshot)

8) BUG FIX – Android – “Reminders” tab text now fits on one line for Pixel phones(see below screenshot) 

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes

1) BUG FIXES – Fixes for bugs caused by update to latest Wed SDK version of Zoom for our video resource Zoom integration feature(see below screenshot)

2) FEATURE UPDATE – “Initial 48 Hours Activity” graph has been added to dashboard for Group Code Managers(see below screenshot) 

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Video page contact form box is no longer semi transparent when background is a solid color so colors are consistent throughout the video page(see below screenshot)

4) BUG FIX – Error no longer shows when trying to save edits to a resource(see below screenshot)

5) BUG FIX – Rebranded favicon no longer changes to RF favicon after user resets password via web login screen(see below screenshot)

6) FEATURE UPDATE – When a button in Page type resource has “[repId]” placeholder in redirect url, a message now comes up when button is clicked on, when user has no RepId(see below screenshot)

7) BUG FIX – Contact CSV Import is now working correctly in back office(see below screenshot)

8) BUG FIX – All Content Placeholders now work correctly when used in broadcast emails, regardless of recipient type(see below screenshot)

9) FEATURE UPDATE – “Campaigns” field no longer shows in back office when account user views their Contest progress page for “All Engagements” and “Specific Resources” type contests(see below screenshot)

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