Product Release Update 7/22/2022

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 7-22-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Trial Status column has been added in the user listing datatable for RF Admin

2) FEATURE UPDATE – User Account Broadcast – Campaign Status and Trial Status have been added under Multi Select Option Field for User Broadcast

3) FEATURE UPDATE – When submitting a scheduled broadcast, button text has been changed to “Schedule Now” instead of “Send Now” so it is clear that hitting the button will send broadcast at scheduled time instead of immediately

4) FEATURE UPDATE – When Account is set to Ignore Billing, any user signing up should now be treated as a premium user

5) FEATURE UPDATE – In RF Admin panel, “Force App Version Update” field has been changed to “Enabled” by default when new accounts are created

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Buttons have been updated in modal that shows to enter info to join zoom meeting

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Email notifications for call back request or contact form submission are now translated to user’s app language

8) FEATURE UPDATE – Event Notifications – “is starting soon at” is now translated as per the the user’s language selected in mobile application

9) BUG FIX –  Broadcast “Last Login” filter is now working correctly

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