Product Release Update 6/3/2022

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 6-3-2022

1) BUG FIX – “Powered by RapidFunnel” button is now working in custom pages and redirects to:

2) BUG FIX – Payment Plan and Amount data now shows for Premium users who signed up in Chargify for Account User export under “Account Settings”-“Users”  

*Please note – the current payment Amount will show as a rounded up number and the following payment amounts will show the exact amount.

3) BUG FIX – Free trial message now shows up on sign up billing page

4) BUG FIX – Users on iPhone XR can now close events and get back to Events calendar when viewing internal or public calendar on mobile browser 

5) BUG FIX – Column sorting for “Rank” is now consistently working correctly in Contest Results for Past Contests

6) BUG FIX – An error message no longer sometimes comes up in Android while trying to re-assign contact to a campaign 

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