Product Release Update 5/6/2022

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes  5-6-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – The character limit has been removed for all Rep-ID fields in order to allow urls and names with spaces, as requested by clients

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Calendar icon in List view is now the  primary branding color for both internal and public calendar

3) FEATURE UPDATE – On RF Admin Branding page, “Redirect Domain Name for Personalized Resources” has been changed to “Custom Domain for Links” and tooltip has been added

4) BUG FIX –  Resource links are now working when clicking on them in contact campaign email in web application as any user role

5) BUG FIX – End Date now automatically updates to the start date for personal events, since personal events can only be single events and cannot last longer than one day.  Support had a user report the date picker for End Date was not working correctly, so this change was made to improve the UI around personal events.

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