Product Release Update 4/26/2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Date-Specific emails can now be added to campaigns and a “Reminder to Review Campaign” box can be checked which shows the “Email(s)” and “Date” fields. 

Here, the campaign creator/editor can type in the email(s) they would like to get the reminder email for and can also pick the date they would like to receive the email.

2) FEATURE UPDATE – On RF Admin Branding pages, tooltips have been added to each field and a divider now separates the fields used for all accounts and those used only for white labeled accounts

3) BUG FIX – Thumbnail now loads on Twitter when a video resource is shared as a tweet

4) BUG FIX – In custom page builder email template, “Help” icon has temporarily been removed because clicking on it was causing issues with accessing the top of the page via scroll

New Mobile Updates and Bug Fixes Version 6.9.94/6.9.95(Android RF ONLY) 4-26-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – The first login screen has been updated in RapidFunnel app ONLY, so it works with the new designs for user sign up screens, coming soon

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Toggle has been added to show date-specific campaign emails

3) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – When a user taps a contest on the home screen, they are now taken to the same contest on Contests screen, instead of always being taken to the first contest

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