Product Release Update 3/4/2022

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 3-4-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Custom Page footer blocks now include BOOK ME, TikTok and WhatsApp buttons, when added to a custom page. Buttons only show when user has those fields added under “Settings.”

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Chargify billing report has been optimized to be received in less time. New time from tests is about two minutes as compared with old-time of twenty minutes

3) FEATURE UPDATE – In RF Admin Accounts table, “Account Admin” column has been changed to “Account Holder” so it better describes the field

4) FEATURE UPDATE – “(Beta)” now shows next to any feature that is not ready to be Enabled when RF Admin views Account page

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Loose email validation for x@x.x has been added when assigning contacts to a campaign in mobile apps. This prevents issues with campaign emails bouncing when contact was imported with an invalid email format

6) BUG FIX – On new user sign up Billing page, when second digit after decimal is a 0, it now shows instead of being blank

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