Product Release Update 3/25/2022

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes  3-25-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – [groupLogo] placeholder has been added to USER campaigns and [groupLogoUrl] has been added to contact and user campaigns sections in order to give the creator/editor more control over displaying the image:

  • When [groupLogo] placeholder is added, it gets replaced with the complete image tag along with the url, <img href=”group logo url” >
  • When [groupLogoUrl] is used, it gets replaced with ONLY the “group logo url”

*When user’s primary group has no group logo, the ACCOUNT logo/url will be used

2) FEATURE UPDATE – When an existing Premium user is changed to “Ignore User Payment,” the user’s subscription is now automatically canceled in Chargify. RF Admin will see a confirmation message before saving the change.

3) FEATURE UPDATE – “From” field for New user campaign emails now shows “” so it matches the domain used in Mailgun. This change should improve delivery of those emails

4) FEATURE UPDATE – In RF Admin panel, tooltips have been added to “Account Name” and “Company Name” fields in order to clarify what should be entered in each field

5) FEATURE UPDATE – The sign in with legalshield redirect url has been updated

6) BUG FIX – GET event-category API endpoint has been updated with the most recent Category changes for LegalShield account

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