Product Release Update 2/10/2022

New Mobile Updates iOS Version 6.2.8 2-12-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Personal Resources and Grayed Out Resources(for standard user) no longer show in drop-down when using a Company Resource for a Personal Resource

2) BUG FIX – iOS – Image resource is no longer cut off after being shared in FB

3) BUG FIX – iOS – Divider is no longer overlapping the text in Contact details screen

New Mobile Updates Android Version 6.2.8/6.2.9 2-10-2022/2-11-2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – Grayed Out Resources no longer show as Company Resource options for standard users when creating a Personal Resource

2) BUG FIX – Android – wrong event date no longer shows on Event page after tapping repeat event under Notifications

3) BUG FIX – Android – App no longer sometimes crashes when contactName is tapped in Notification

4) BUG FIX – Android(version 6.2.9) – Accounts that have Personal Resources disabled are no longer missing header and search on Resources screen

5) BUG FIX – Android(version 6.2.9) – contactId is now being passed to resource url when sharing a resource from Contact Details screen, so tracking and contact firm auto-fill should be working correctly

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 2-11-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Zoom Web Client SDK has been upgraded to version 2.2.0, in order to improve some of the known mobile responsiveness issues. We load zoom web SDK inside an Iframe and the current release of the Web SDK still doesn’t fully support Mobile Browsers or UI Customization. However, Zoom has a plan to add more support for UI customization with the newer versions of the Web SDK, so we should continue seeing improvements in the near future.  

2) BUG FIX – Events with a “Repeat Until” date that is earlier than Start/End Date have been updated so they will show on web and can be edited or deleted. Validation will be added next week in order to prevent this moving forward and work is being done on the mobile side in order to improve data syncing for other edited events that do not show in mobile until logging out and back into app. 

3) BUG FIX – Emojis can now be added to the Formatted Message for resources emailed from web

4) FEATURE UPDATE – For new user sign up, spaces and hyphens are now accepted in first and last name fields 

5) BUG FIX – Sharing Event Invite via Email is now working for all time zones

6) BUG FIX – Spaces before and after url in Event “Link” field are now auto trimmed after saving

 7) BUG FIX – The correct credit card logo now shows after entering cc info on Billing page

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