Product Release Update 12/9/2022

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 12-9-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Implementation has been added to “Ignore bot clicks” when user shares resources via Telegram, so their bot scans will no longer trigger “Clicked Link” before contacts actually click the links to view

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Improvements have been made to Digital business card so it more closely matches the design in mobile. There are still some tweaks needed so it is more responsive when font size is increased on some devices.

3) FEATURE UPDATE – The background block behind buttons in Digital Business Card has been removed

4) BUG FIX – When a custom page is duplicated, the duplicate is now 100% independent and is not affected when the original is deleted

5) BUG FIX – Contacts are now gaining 10 points when they opt-in to a campaign

6) BUG FIX – “Text Content” characters are no longer being limited when creating a broadcast email

Mobile Version 7.3.5  Updates and Bug Fixes 12-9-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Personal Resources tool tips have been updated so they are more clear(new tool tips can be seen in the following sheet: )

2) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – In personal resource “Pre-Written Message” field, [firstName] and [resourceLink] can no longer be edited, so user cannot accidentally remove these placeholders

3) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Auto layout constraints have been added for improved responsiveness in iOS on Campaigns and Login screens, so they look good on all devices, regardless of screen size

4) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – When task is completed, user is now taken to Contact Tasks tab or Current Tasks screen instead of staying on the task detail screen

5) BUG FIX – Android/iOS – Events that have been deleted are no longer showing in mobile apps for Notary Coach users 

6) BUG FIX – Android – Contact image no longer disappears after saving contact import from device

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