Product Release Update 10/6/2022

New Web Updates 10-6-2022

1) Default message has been added for SMS responder, so contact receives a message with the resource link

New Android/iOS Mobile Updates and Bug Fixes Version 7.2.0  9-8-2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE – iCue integration has been added as an alternative to internal Coaching module when enabled for account by RF Admin

2) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – “i” has been added to upper left of Home Screen and when tapped, Exposures and Engagements definitions open in modal

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – “Event Type” has been moved above “Event Category” for a more logical flow when creating or editing a personal event

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – The second Resources subcategory has been moved to the right so the indention is more pronounced in order to better differentiate the category hierarchies

5) BUG FIX – iOS – Contact Activity Logs are no longer sometimes showing multiple “Initiated Call” logs

6) BUG FIX –  iOS – App no longer sometimes crashes when user tries to add a task for a contact and then ticks the box to “Add to My Device Calendar”

7) BUG FIX – iOS –  Tasks & Notifications icon and text no longer has a gap between both of them in More Menu 

8) BUG FIX(Added in v7.1.3) – Android/iOS – Upgrade to Premium alert no longer incorrectly comes up when Standard user exits and comes back to app

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