Product Release Update 10/14/2022

1) FEATURE UPDATE  – Web/Android Version 7.3.0 – New “Skip Billing Screen” option has been added under “Manage Billing” page for RF Admin so accounts can be set to skip payment options during new user sign up and automatically start all users as Standard users, who can upgrade to premium at any time

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Subject line of default Link Tracking Email has been updated so it applies to Resources shared with contact by any method instead of specifying “Email”

3) FEATURE UPDATE – When creating or editing a broadcast push notification, characters no longer display once the 178 character limit has been reached, in order to prevent cutting off the message when notification is received

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Android – “i” has been added to upper left of Home Screen and when tapped, Exposures and Engagements definitions open in modal and are translated to user’s language(already live in iOS)

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