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The right tools and systems can completely change the game for network marketing leaders and their team. Aaron Browning has a deep love of systems, including his own NRGIZE App, and joined the show to generously share what he’s been doing and using to explode his Powur Solar business. We’re talking real details, and a quick walkthrough of his own methods. Find out how to create more momentum, facilitate lead generation and help the whole team duplicate and succeed with the right systems behind you. Make a date to spend some time with the video version of this show to catch the onscreen walkthroughs – this is gold.


Well, welcome to the show Aaron, Beyond the Network Marketing Dream and I am with Aaron Browning who is a friend, a big time leader… is on a new venture and crushing it, Aaron, it is awesome to be with you.

Man, I’m super, super excited. I’ve had this on the calendar for a couple weeks. I’ve been marking the day, clearing it, making sure no conflicts jumped up. Excited to spend time with you, man.

It’s gonna be great. And we’ve already I mean, what’s crazy is, you know, he and I get on the call and I’ve already learned like a half a dozen things, Aaron, that I’m going to put in place right away. I started recording early just so my team could hear it. And the good news is we will regurgitate just a little bit of it, because I think as a listener if somebody is aspiring… if they’re in the network marketing space and they’re going, look, I want to build a massive business, I want to generate leads – then they’re going to pick up some ideas today. Not necessarily is this going to help their whole team duplicate – this strategy – but as a leader, you’ve got to have a way to quickly and easily generate a lot of interest in your business. And Aaron, tell us about what – just a high level first – what are you doing? You know, you and I know each other way back in the day from LegalShield, you’ve you’ve launched into the solar industry, you’re crushing it. So give us a little bit of idea of the transition, what you’re working on, what you’re excited about.

Lot to unpack there. Yeah. For sure. Let me write that down so I don’t forget. So I got started with network marketing three, three and a half years ago with LegalShield. I knew nothing about network marketing prior to that. I had read a book that was network marketing based, and the model just made sense to me, not knowing anything I jumped in. We were pretty successful with it, at the risk of sounding cocky, but I also wanna make sure the audience knows. In a short period of two years, we attracted seven thousand business partners to that venture. We had done really well financially, and it really it woke something inside of me; that whole leverage piece, the whole personal development. I’d been doing a little bit of personal… not a little, a lot of personal development with real estate, my background, everything else, but just seeing another, another field that was so heavily exposed to that, it was it’s like right now, man. Like, I can hop on a call with you all day and talk shop. Same idea with most network marketing companies, and that’s what I love. It’s that drive and that hunger to get better. To just do, to just do well. And so about a year ago, a friend of mine that I knew from high school, actually, and I won’t tell you how long ago that was to date ourselves, but he kept calling me up and said, “Dude, you gotta sell solar.” I can be blunt and transparent. Right? I had no interest in selling glass. None. I could barely spell the word. I didn’t know anything about solar. And so that’s what he kept leading with we’ll talk about how not to recruit somebody. Right? Finally though, he did the right things… I know he’s gonna watch this, he’s gonna give me give me grief for it. He finally leveraged a tool. He sent a video over. He said, “Aaron, I respect you as a business guy. Give me my blind spots, like, tell me what I’m missing. I grabbed, I wish I had my cup… I grabbed my favorite cup of coffee and my notepad, and I was ready to rip my friend apart. True story. I pushed play on this video, I’m three minutes and I hit him back, “Get me on the phone with the owner or the president.” He goes, “What happened?”, I said, “You guys stole our exact same model over at eXp Realty. He goes, “What’s that?” I said, “Dude, we’re not even friends anymore, the fact you don’t know what I do, but I said, get me on the phone with somebody.” And so that’s what he did. He got me on the phone with the president. I said, I can’t believe God’s blessing me with round two of this thing… we made a fortune, we changed a lot of lives. I said I’ll figure out what how to spell solar, what solar means, but let’s freaking go! And I love that story for several reasons, one is, that’s what leaders do. I didn’t have all the answers, guys. Like, I didn’t. I didn’t know how to spell it. Like, that’s a true story. I’m making fun of myself, in fact, I knew nothing about it, no one on my street had it, no one, I mean, I live in Virginia it’s not really popular yet here, it’s not like I’m out in Cali. But I knew a business model, I met the leaders, the president of the company and the CEO, I said, okay – and I knew the model. Those are the three things I evaluate my opportunities on. Right? And I said, dude, let’s go all in. We’ll figure it out.

Say the three again.

I started to go blank on it. For me, it’s the leadership. It’s the model; do I understand the model? And then it’s the timing of the opportunity. Meaning, if Uber called me right now, I love the Uber I love the leadership, I love the model. I missed the “t” in timing. Like, you know what I mean? We’re not in the dorm room right now.

So under the model, you’ve got kind of the product, and the timing of the go-to-target market…

Yeah, I wanna be in the top of the first inning. Like, I want the lion’s share. And once again, I’m just keeping it real, man, you can edit it out if you have to, but it’s just the way I roll. I missed that at Legal Shield. I came twenty years too late. Although we did very, very well, there was a fortune that was made early. And I missed that. Just quite frankly I did, man, it is what it is. And so for me, the timing’s important.

And, Aaron, I’m kind of breaking this conversation we’re gonna have today almost into two segments. And one is some of the stuff that you’re doing is not really gonna duplicate and that’s a reality in networking, you have to know where you are in the space. Right? What you’re trying to accomplish. And then I do want to talk a little bit about your using the RapidFunnel platform, and more importantly, I want to talk about systems that do duplicate, and creating momentum through an organization – and almost separate the two, if that makes sense to you? Let’s talk about some of the stuff you’re doing as an elite leader, and elite leaders can hear this and go, “okay”, but do you agree that you kind of have to separate… am I doing these to create momentum and duplication, depth, simplicity, speed, or am I doing this as an activity of an elite leader? Does that make sense?

It does, man. To be honest, I’m torn on this. So I come… my training was old school Legal Shield. To where if it doesn’t duplicate, you don’t do it. And I agree with that to a certain extent, I really do. I agree with where you’re going with that, I wanna go there, but I will also tell you that philosophy kept me from being who I wanted to be.

Yeah. I’m following you because I did it too. I put the blinders on a little bit and I didn’t realize there’s so many other opportunities, yeah, keep going.

So I don’t ever wanna make someone’s world smaller than mine, for one. Right? That’s Leadership 101. If I make my world big enough that you can fit in it, you can play in it, you’ll stay forever. That was one of my growth problems. I hit that block and it stunted my growth. I do think a lot a lot of things can duplicate with the right systems behind you. And so I’ll give you an example. I’ve gone all in on podcasts, part of the reason I’m here, like, five, six weeks ago. I’m not gonna say I’m a vet by any stretch, but I am leaning in and I am having a blast doing it. Here’s the cool part. To your point, could a lot of people on my team do that? Probably not. Probably not. Right? Would they do it? Probably not. But here’s what I’m figuring out. I’ve had several people on my podcast that couldn’t host it, but were fantastic guests. They were led. They had someone like Patrick Shaw asking the right questions, getting them comfortable, to where now I’m getting that message out there for them, to their database. I’m helping lead that. So they might not be in the driver’s seat of that newer technology, but I think there’s a place for all of us to play. I really, really do.

Yeah and it is levels. Like, that brand spanking new person is in the rank and file, so to speak. Maybe that’s where you make sure to get them in the door, get them a check, make sure it’s simple, and then you just start elevating as you move up?

Yeah. I think it’s also building… we call it “lanes to plan”, that’s something else I love about where I’m at, and there’s a lot of companies that have that, so no judgment here. That was one of my knocks previously, it was I love tracking talent. I believe talent hangs out with talent, so I’m constantly raising my bar to be able to attract better talent. Part of the reason I’m on a podcast with Patrick Shaw. Like that… talk about bucket list, right? Like, that’s huge! Right? Anyway, so talent hangs out with talent. I wanted to make sure that when talent comes over – and I’m talking like business owner talent – they would always, well not always, but a lot of them, they own successful companies. “Awesome, Aaron, I see this, I see the model, I see the comp plan… I’ve got twenty thousand I want to spend on ads, where am I going with it?” I didn’t have a solution my previous company for that. I didn’t. I was only one it was playing rather small. Now I don’t talk about someone else spending twenty grand to the rest of my team, but oh my gosh, if I attract a business leader that knows this that wants to hire an inside sales team, outside sales, door knockers, I have a vehicle. I have a lane for them to play in. I think that’s important.

That is awesome. I love it. Okay. Let’s talk specifically because I want the listeners to hear this because it is so cool what you’re doing right now, and it gives you, I want you to promote your podcast. I’ll get on there as well, and I think people, even if they’re not in solar and they’re listening to this saying, “Hey, I wanna understand how to do some more of this”, they can literally go and visit your podcast, they can see what’s going on and see how you’ve created some of these simple and incredible systems. So let’s start… maybe first with YouTube.

Yeah. So I’ve gone all in on YouTube, like anything social media, and once again, it’s like a weight off my shoulders. I’m able to lead in what my opportunity is. I’m transparent about it. I am crystal clear on who my audience is. My audience, by the way, not the audience for Solar as a whole, but who I wanna attract. I know my tribe. I know my people. It is people who are hungry, coachable, business owners, entrepreneurs, people that, like multiple income streams, leverage. And so I’m really transparent on that. So I am, I’m on YouTube… my intention is every single day multiple times a day with shorts and everything else. I would say I’m pretty good about doing it. At least once a day, there’s gonna be some content from me, whether long form or short form. Where I’m getting really, really purposeful, and I don’t wanna lose anybody. Right? Because I know you’re probably like I was a year ago, “Ahh, YouTube podcast… I don’t know if that’s me.” I’m repurposing content I’m already doing. So I know Patrick’s audience. They’re leaders. They’re leaders. Guys, we already lead. So now I repurpose my podcast. I’m going to repurpose what I’m doing with Patrick Shaw right now. I have a coaching call right after this with someone – a very important leader in my company. Guess what I’m going to do? Turn my phone on and record me answering the questions. That will become a YouTube short. So anything I am doing, I’m just filming it. Nothing so far, knock on wood, that I have recorded to YouTube or all my social media, I’ve filmed for the intention of that one vehicle.

So you showed me a ridiculous tool that you’re using to record, so that you and your team can easily splice, pull that, repurpose it. Talk about that for a second.

Yeah. So I’m all about systems, that’s how I met Patrick. I fell in love with him at LegalShield. Once again, I was not qualified to be talking to him at that point, I was brand new to network marketing, but I geeked on his App. Like, geeked on it. I said, “Oh, my gosh!” In fact, we ended up becoming partners and brought it to our real estate company… This thing, I remember when I first saw it I just said, “OH my…”, and by the way, the rest of the people didn’t even know what they had. That’s a whole other subject. But I just love it, I love systems. Systems make ordinary people exceptional, and I am ordinary. But when I get behind RapidFunnel, our version, NRGIZE, oh my gosh, it makes me look good. It makes our team look good. So I love that. And I forgot my train of thought already, you got me excited.

The tool that you’re using… So you’re recording, right? And you’re using what platform to record on and why.

Yeah, I use a company called Riverside FM. We will throw a link somewhere on here. Amazing. They’re not sponsored, by the way, it’s just tech that I’m using on a on a daily basis. I like it more than Zoom because of the quality of the output. It does 1080p instead of 720p. You’re able to add logos if you want to and and fancier things like that. But the real reason I’m doing it, I’m not good at video editing. I have no intention of learning it. This has been a block of mine and why I did not jump on YouTube five years ago. Because I always said, how am I going to create the content? How am I gonna edit? And it just blocked me, it was my ceiling of achievement. And so this program, instead of doing the traditional editor where you have to, scroll the little bar down… uh-oh, I went too far, let me go back… oh, I cut off Patrick, what he just said… right? It’s what they call transcription editing. Transcription AI, it’s built into the the package. It’s like twenty bucks a month, it’s a joke. But anyway, I can go through there, film a forty-five minute podcast, break it into thirty shorts for YouTube, thirty TikToks, thirty Facebook reels, thirty Instagram reels, all from the same content.

Crazy. And he’s doing it, do you guys understand? He’s doing it from the words. So he can come to see one great sentence, and he happens to have an “umm” in the middle. Then he just removes the “umm” and it removes that audio portion, and so now he takes this short and repurposes it wherever he wants.

Yep. It’s all we’re doing. Okay, the other big piece of tech… So I just told you guys how my life changed because of AI and editing, because if you told me to go spend an hour editing… hour, it’s probably hours. Right? I know Patrick has a team that does that. I don’t have that. I’m not Patrick Shaw yet! So this AI, it allows for ordinary people, you guys see the trend – systems, right? Same thing with the Prospect App. The other one I was gonna…

Pull it up. You can share your screen real quick and just show them that – now we’re gonna talk about AI for a second -and I’ll let you pull it up while I’m framing this, but Aaron, talk about AI and chat and what’s going on there and how to use some of this technology. He is, Aaron is using this to pre-promote the podcast, to come up with the title and the descriptions… go ahead Aaron, this is crazy.

Yeah. The two blocks for me using social media were – or using video on social media – was the editing, and the second thing is the wording behind it. That is not my gift from God at all. I’m a visionary. I’m a doer. And so, I could go create a video and then it sat on my on my shelf -talk about dating myself – sat on my computer because I didn’t know keywords, hashtags, what was allowed, bio description, linking, any of that stuff. I now go to ChatGPT. I’ll show it, you guys know I don’t care. In fact, here’s one, watch this! This is, this morning… Too funny, this was not planned at all. Oh, you’re gonna see all my little goodies. Oh, man, Patrick, we gotta charge for this, buddy. Okay, so this morning, this is a podcast I filmed on Tuesday. Ignore spelling, I told you it’s not my gift from God. I just, I’m here to build. You gotta give ChatGPT a character, so I said, “You’re a marketing genius.” I’m not looking for average, by the way, you’ll notice that about me. I need a few Facebook posts promoting my new ebook. That’s another one, I didn’t even tell Patrick yet. I wrote an ebook two days ago with ChatGPT. It’s a lead magnet, it blows my mind. For my new ebook, here’s the landing page. I wanted it to get what the page was about. The book answers the ten most asked questions that homeowners ask online when they consider going solar. Got the questions and the ebook from ChatGPT. I said I want you to write ten… write five Facebook posts to grab people, use strong hooks. So it gave me some, includes my link. I copy and paste this guys, this is how I’m posting all day, every day. Watch this. It wasn’t aggressive enough for me. I said do it again, but be Grant Cardone. Get out, guys, look at this! And so literally, I take all these, I go to notepads because I’m not on a computer all day. I grab the podcast and I copy all of the things that I’m gonna… let me do one right here… all of the social media things that I’ll be sharing for the week. It’s all done. All linked. I copy and paste five of these a day. All done. LinkedIn, everything. I take my video, I’ll go back and I’ll say, here are the ten questions I asked Patrick Shaw. It was a killer call. Here are a couple keywords I would like. Can you write me a podcast description? I grab it, I paste it. Guys, this changed my life. Being transparent, I won’t recognize where I’m at a year from today. This technology, those two things allowed me to to live my dream. Now I’m on video. I could never do that without it.

I’m listening to Alex Hormozi the other day, Aaron, and he’s talking about activity basically, right? He’s saying, you know, he’s doing like one hundred or two, three hundred grand a month. And he goes to this event and he’s like the poor guy in the room or whatever, people are doing three million a month.

Great room to be in.

Yeah. Good room to be in, good room to be in. And he’s strategizing, and he’s trying to come up with strategy,, strategy strategy, and it goes back to 101. He asked one of the guys, “Man, you’re doing three million a month” he says, “let me take a look at your Twitter feed, your YouTube feed, let me see YouTube… And listen, I’ll be transparent, I hate that stuff. Like, I’d rather shoot nails in my foot than be on Facebook a bunch. But to be honest, as a marketing tool if I can find a way around having to be there myself, but my content can still get there, I’m okay with that. Right? I don’t mind that, and Hormozi said this guy basically said, look, let me see your post. He goes, I post five times more than you do. And this guy, trust me… doing three million dollars a month, he is not sitting on Facebook every day typing stuff out. There are systems for this. And so I don’t care who you are, you’re listening to Aaron and he’s… listen, you went through this with me fifteen, ten minutes ago or whatever, I am gonna implement five things he said already. So much of life is about execution.

But let’s talk about for a second. I wanna touch on that because this is gonna get lost in the average person listening. I know you don’t attract average. This is what sets Patrick Shaw apart, my friends. One thousand percent, I already know this, he hadn’t told me. We will wrap up this call, if he has another meeting, he’ll do it, he will not put his head on the pillow today without the implementation plan in place, guaranteed. I’ll have a call with him in a few days saying, here’s what I did, here’s what we did, can you look at the… guaranteed! This is not one of those where you have a great conversation and then a month goes by, no I haven’t got to it yet, he gets stuff done. Totally love that you said that there.

You can talk about not the brightest in the room… I mean literally, I failed the fourth grade twice. It takes a unique talent, but I do, Aaron, I just I know how to execute. And sometimes I make the wrong decision to execute on the wrong thing. It all works out in the wash. You just gotta execute, it’s so good. Alright. What what else do we have to share? So the AI Chat, the Recorder, YouTube, leveraging it. What are the thoughts on that side of things?

Yeah. I mean, we touched on a lot of it. ChatGPT is my big one. Since that rolled out four months ago, though, new tech is coming up every single day. I don’t want someone to sit on the sidelines being, like, it’s overwhelming. Just pick one – ChatGPT. It’s free. I love free. It’s free. It’s free. There’s a paid version, I do have that, it’s twenty bucks a month. That’s nothing as a business owner. If it is, you gotta figure that piece out, my friends. Like, we got to, that’s the big one. Go go play with it for free, it is not rocket science. Go to YouTube. Go to my YouTube. Go hop on our solar podcast. We talk sales. It’s not just solar, you’ll get nuggets like this. You just gotta be around it. Be purposeful with it. Just figuring out that piece of your marketing… most of us in network marketing, we’re not marketing specialists. There are a few rare ones. Right? Top marketers aren’t the best recruiters. So when you can leverage technology and systems for that, by the way, Patrick, I used it for creating a drip inside of RapidFunnel. If I’m allowed to say that…


My drip that is so kick ass, my recruiting one… I am so fired up, my team is fired up, I have people from other teams trying to get it and it’s hard because I love sharing. But none of that was original. I had some ideas I go to Chat GPT, I said you’re Grant Cardone. You’re the number one recruiter in network marketing. You’re a solar professional. I need to stop someone in their tracks who’s never thought about entering solar. What’s the best email? And I said, here’s a couple bullet points. It wrote it. I said cool. Three days later, I wanna pop a follow-up. What do you recommend? Nope, tweak this, tweak that, done. I built out, I think it’s like a six month drip right now, all with ChatGPT. I could not have done that without it.

That is so cool. Okay, let’s stop there for a second. Now let’s talk about team building on the second half of this. Team building as it does relate to leveraging the digital world. I mean, we live in a different world, Aaron, talk about dating ourselves. I started when there was a VHS tape, a fax, a phone and a meeting to go to. That was it. And so the reality is duplication was even easier even though you think with all this technology, we would be crushing it, it’s actually gotten more difficult in many ways because people are distracted. Right? And so talk a little bit about what you are doing, whatever that may be, whether it’s RapidFunnel or otherwise it doesn’t matter. Like, what are you doing to help new people to sell them on the fact that the average person – that they can build in the solar business working your system. Kinda, how do you go about that right now?

Yeah. Well, it’s a lot, man. That’s a great question, I mean, I that’s the price of admission right there. It’s about systems. And I know it’s yours, but it’s RapidFunnel, man. Like, that is what our team uses. We have a culture on our team, if it’s not in our App – RapidFunnel App- it didn’t happen. I won’t coach someone on my team unless they can show me that homepage of their App showing – two metrics that I care about is; how many conversations, how many exposures, and then the engagement statistic. Because I can coach on either one. Nothing worse than having a phone call from a brand new rep, brand new whatever you’re gonna call them in your company, they’re like, “Man, I’m trying, this is not working. I I knew it, it’s just not gonna work.” I don’t know if that’s an effort thing or if that’s…

It’s crazy how easy it is really.

But think about it – real life and some people are gonna hate me for this, and it’s fine, my time is important. I got big freaking dreams. I got a beautiful family. I got calls like this I wanna do. So I won’t hop on a fifteen minute coaching call with someone until they send me that App. Because if they send me that, tell me it’s not working and yet they sent out two resources in forty five days, we have an effort conversation we’re about to have. Right? Versus, I sent out one a day, I didn’t get any sign ups. Now we have a scripting, we’ve got a framework conversation. I need to know that as a leader. And so your App man, it changed my life. It allows that.

That’s so cool. That’s the level you understand it though, like and we’re training a lot more than we used to. So we onboard companies as you know now and you’ve been working with Kevin and some of our team. You already know this stuff, like you know it inside and out. But a few people you know, sometimes they just didn’t connect the dots and understand that – what you just described – is everything. Like, the other stuff is the ten percent The ninety percent is, who did you talk to today and who are we gonna follow-up with. Right?

If you do the effort and you stay on task with our scripts, I will make you successful. I tell everyone on our team. If you lose one of those, we’re gonna have a problem. It’s gonna be an uphill battle, you’re going off the reservation, you got to figure it out. But with those two things and the only way, you know, the problem with sales is is people like to fluff. And so everybody thinks the world’s the world’s fallen, you know, fallen out. Everyone thinks it doesn’t work for me, but usually it’s an effort issue, unfortunately. And that’s what that App allows. So once again, if if you’re using this App and if you’re on this podcast, I pray to God you are, I really, really do. Make sure you build your team culture around it. Because that starts at the top. That starts with leadership. I will never, ever send someone my YouTube videos, even the ones I’m personally doing, unless it’s in the App. If I can’t track it, I don’t do it. And so my posture, my language to my team, it’s organic, because I’m doing it. I can show them my homepage of the App. I can… and that’s the other thing too, we talked about how some things might not be duplicatable that I’m doing. I do think I’m changing that because of AI and technology, I really do. I’m changing the seat on the bus, maybe they’re a guest on it. But the cool thing is you could be an absolute rock star like Patrick, film an amazing walk through video of your presentation, whatever that looks like, whatever you’re selling. If you could upload that into the App, if I can use ChatGPT, to become an expert on the text language, the email body that goes with it. On the header that we do above the video – all this stuff is important, by the way. I’m not good at it, but I leverage cool tools.

You get my head reeling though, man, because I start thinking like you have a YouTube post? Because if I were prospecting, I would think in solar, there are certain podcasts where you attract very specific people for certain reasons. Do you title and describe and create descriptions and use those as prospecting tools and load them in the platform to send to the team?

Hundred percent.

That is so cool, unbelievable.

Once again, this is duplicating I mean, reusing content. Every podcast episode is added to our follow-up campaigns. Like, oh my god. And you haven’t… we haven’t look at this. I mean, it’s so dumb. It’s evergreen.

So they need to understand this. So if I’m using the platform, his NRGIZE platform, the RapidFunnel version, in his company, it’s his branding, logo, all that kind of stuff. He’s using that, we have a 99.7% delivery rate on email. So, I bump into Bob, I meet Bob, we have a solar conversation. I can tell the timing’s not perfect. I’m probably not gonna follow-up with Bob, but I know Bob’s a good guy, but timing’s not right. Right guy, wrong time. So, I put Bob into a campaign, and now Aaron, the leader of that group, has written short, simple little campaigns, “Hey, Bob. I was thinking about you. I thought you’d appreciate this podcast.” Right? Because I messed up my persons here, but if I recruited Bob, I would put Bob in that campaign and I’d say, “Bob, I was thinking about you, Aaron Browning’s one of my friends”, which is absolutely true, I’m part of Aaron’s organization. “Aaron Browning’s one of my friends, he launched this podcast, I thought you would particularly enjoy it.” Super short email. Personal from me to Bob. And now all of a sudden Bob is the right person. It’s eight months later. He watches this podcast and he’s like, oh my gosh. And the minute he watches, I know how many minutes of the podcast he watched. I’m assuming we’re loading that video for you or you’re playing it probably directly to YouTube?

I’ve done both, actually, I’m still testing a lot of things. But, yeah, we have fun.

No matter what, I know he clicked on it. I know when Bob clicks on it, which means I know he’s become a hot prospect. The App tells me, and now I turn around and Aaron’s podcast just helped me get somebody. That’s so cool.

It’s great. Here’s the other thing too, what you just walked them through is, like, big picture, like, perfect world. For one, I don’t have an ego when it comes to stuff I make, so our team, the language on the drip is, oh my gosh you gotta check out my team’s podcast. It’s not even me. They’re borrowing my influence. Like, if that comes from Patrick’s, they think it’s Patrick even if all they do is click on the email, saw the thumbnail, saw the word, didn’t even play it. They’re now associating our team’s solar icons, with technology, with podcasts, with AI. We crush every other team in our company. Like, there’s not even a comparison.

Listen, I’ve talked to enough people, and they’re like, they don’t know what he’s doing. I mean, he’s telling you what he’s doing. But they can’t understand how he’s doing, how Aaron is doing the numbers that he’s doing. And the coolest part is, dude, you’re just transparent, open, and uncensored. Right? You’re just sharing it. That’s crazy.

It’s what it’s all about, man. You pay it forward, it comes back. By the way, I hopped on here to learn from Patrick. We spent ten minutes while I was showing us all my stuff, me just teaching it, I become better. Patrick fires this question, I’m like, oh, I didn’t think about that. It’s who you hang out with. These conversations… gold. If he releases that first fifteen minutes, it’s over.

Aaron, we’re gonna do this again and I’ll jump on yours and I can’t, I’m most excited because I know how quickly we’re gonna do this again, because I’m going to go figure a bunch of this stuff out really quickly. My team’s gonna listen to the whole thing and the prerecording and I’m gonna be circling back with you. Any other resources? Anybody that’s listening to this in networking… and listen, this is uncensored as well. Like, look, you’re building a business. Somebody can reach out or they can learn from you or whatever it may be, but any other resources you’d wanna share with anybody.

For my particular operational work?

Yeah. What you’re doing, or what they learned from you today that they might, you know, maybe they’re not obviously looking for a business but they wanna learn from you and they wanna go check something out. What are some of the resource you’re using to build business where they can connect with you or learn from you?

Yeah, obviously, I’m on all social media accounts. My main one that’s going to help each and every one of you would be my YouTube channel. And if it’s branded “solar”, ignore it if you’re not in solar, I’m not here to… you stay wherever you’re at, whatever it does.

So that’s right there. Type in Solar Sales Uncensored, Aaron Browning.

You’ll find nuggets. You’ll see our shorts there, you’ll see our interviews, our podcast is all built-in, and all of this by the way, I don’t care what company you’re in. Steal mine. Steal mine. Steal the format, the language, any of that stuff. If you have questions about you know, certain AI’s. That’s really my big one. It has nothing to do with me. My fear with AI, my and I’m gonna give them a shout out, my business partner, Chris Hart, he got on the AI bandwagon, three months ago before me and kept telling me. It was over my head. It hurt my head, I was like, I don’t have time to learn another thing, man. I’m building an organization, I just can’t. Finally, whatever it was – I don’t know if it was something that showed me or what – I spent that night I couldn’t sleep, and I’ll never forget it. I came down at, midnight to my office. I started playing with it, and I realized it was so dumbed down that this dummy, myself, could do this. And so there are people listening to this right now that the AI conversation hurts, and that’s why you’re not taking action. That was me. Don’t let it be you anymore. Go to ChatGPT. I get nothing for it. Create a free account. Go play with it. Go type something in. In fact, you guys want homework? Can I give a homework assignment? This is what I do with my team.

Absolutely. Call to action baby.

Yeah. I love that… I don’t want this to end. Hopefully, everybody here is on LinkedIn. If not, shame on you. You gotta go do it. Let me have a fierce conversation for a second. Get there, that’s where the business owners hang out. Right? That’s where talent hangs out. By the way, the average person on LinkedIn makes six figures. I don’t run into, “I don’t have ninety-nine dollars to start a business” on LinkedIn. Right? Anyway, I can preach LinkedIn, I love it. Here’s what I want you to do. Here’s the homework. Go to LinkedIn, grab your bio. You probably have something and it’s awful. Mine was awful too. Right? Awful Grab it. Go to ChatGPT and say, “You are a marketing guru, you are a marketing expert that specializes in LinkedIn. I want my profile redone. Here’s what I currently have. My ideal audience is x, single moms.” Or it’s people who have failed in network marketing, people looking for skin care. It doesn’t matter, whatever your niche is. Right? You could even add your website to your company, grab some sales language, the more info you give it – and say generate me a LinkedIn profile. Watch what it spits out. I do it with every with every person on my team. They’re hooked. Take that same profile and say, “Can you condense it for Facebook?” Done. Can you condense it for TikTok? Done. You will spend three minutes doing this homework assignment, and you will have the bombest social media bio on every social media platform you’re on. Done.

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Aaron Browning is a seasoned entrepreneur and network marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. A real estate agent by trade, he ran a successful $35 million volume team in Northern Virginia, and also achieved success as a network Vice President in LegalShield. Currently Aaron enjoys leading his team to success as a Sr. Energy Consultant with Powur Solar. He loves mentoring and training people to build their networks and create the financial freedom they desire.

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