Network Marketing Success Tips: 12 Ways to Win in Direct Sales 

network marketing success

The network marketing industry has experienced enormous change over the last decade. Traditionally, the hallmark of success has been in attracting people looking for more in life and willing to put in some sweat equity to get it. They were intrigued by the promise of a business that was simple to start and only required a part-time effort.

Networking, at its best, delivered on that promise by providing a clear, proven, and duplicable process for building a business.

But slowly, over the past decade, the clarity and simplicity that have always been a trademark of the industry have been displaced by a tremendous amount of complexity. Even the best companies, with long and storied pedigrees, are struggling to keep their business model simple.

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The Evolution of Network Marketing

Previously, companies and their leaders would rally around a three to five-step process that made telling their company’s story easy. Make a friend, share the information, and follow up. 

Today, if you visited an average company and asked a random sampling of both new and experienced distributors to tell you exactly what their process is, you would get a dozen different answers.

The first and likely most significant issue is the massive amount of information everyone has access to. Information overload affects a prospect’s ability to make a decision and the distributor’s ability to stay committed to one simple process. Many people expected the digital revolution to improve the industry, not create more complexity and confusion.

Every company and every distributor is looking for the shortest path to success, but as human beings, we suffer from “greener pasture syndrome.” And with so many available platforms, social sharing tools, autoresponders, capture page creators, and survey platforms, everyone is trying to figure out where to plant a stake in the ground.

person working on a marketing strategy

Adding to the confusion is the large number of network marketing leaders turned network marketing coaches, promising to bring people into their fold and share the special success secrets that got them there.

Despite the complexity, network marketing success still works on simple principles. When you make smart use of technology to massively boost the speed and efficiency of your execution, you can scale these basics and win.

12 Modern Ways to Achieve Network Marketing Success

Consumers are bombarded with more than 5,000 marketing ads and pitches in today’s digital world. This means selling is more complex than it used to be – when you could easily connect with leads. 

Now prospects are all over the place – a variety of social media channels and email, in addition to your in-person networks. 

So how do you manage all of this and still make sincere and meaningful connections?

The following twelve tips can help you decide if joining an MLM business is the right choice for you – and when you decide to take the leap, these strategies will help you cut through the complexity and build authentic relationships as you grow your network.

Become Part of a Legitimate MLM

Many MLMs get a bad name because of pyramid schemes and other scams. However, MLMs, as a whole, are legitimate business ventures. Before you start, thoroughly research the company you’re interested in to determine if its business model is legitimate and if you’re a good match for its team.  

Research Products You Love

You might be able to sell products you don’t use regularly, but if you don’t believe in and love the product or company, can you generate the sales you need to succeed? With today’s savvy consumers, your prospects will be able to do their own research and see through any lack of enthusiasm you may have for its products. 

two colleagues discussing something exciting

Making sure you’re 100% behind the company, and the product, will make selling it much easier.

Authenticity Works

Don’t deceive your prospects with false promises or hype about what they can achieve with your products or by joining your sales team. One of the best parts of income-producing activities is that they provide an environment for genuine conversations with new prospects that build rapport. Remember, have integrity and ethics in all interactions.

That’s why it’s best to sell products you believe in. If you don’t use the products and can’t attest to their efficacy, your prospects will have a hard time trusting you.  

Avoid Being Pushy

When first starting out with an MLM, target people who show a genuine interest in what you’re selling. Why? One of the quickest ways to tank your direct marketing business is to continually bug family and friends to buy or sell your products. 

It’s fine to let people know what you do and to invite them to your parties or presentations, but if they decline your invitations, let them go. Your relationships are more important. And the upside? Once you’ve succeeded, they may be more intrigued about signing up.

Connect with the Right People

Like any business, you’ll have the most success by targeting people who want or need the product you’re selling. Find out where your ideal prospects hang out online or in person. Facebook, LinkedIn, a local hobby group? 

Once you know where to find the right people, you need to determine the best way to reach out and connect with them. Do they prefer emails, newsletters, direct messaging, group posts, or informal conversations? It’s also a good idea to find people who love the product you’re selling as much as you do and see a future for themselves in direct network marketing. 

Share Your Story Every Day

The majority of your success with an MLM business comes from direct sales, not just recruiting people to join your sales team. While building your team is important, you need to continue to focus on selling to your prospects. You do this by keeping them engaged. 

At least once a day, work on reaching new and current prospects by offering a free product sample, posting a personal story on your blog, website, or social media, or hosting an in-person party or presentation.

presentation in front of a small group

Small, daily steps to build your network marketing prospect list will lead to more sales and recruits over time. 

Lead, Don’t Recruit

The biggest difference in MLM vs direct sales is that in addition to sales, you’ll make more money and grow your business by attracting recruits to your team. However, this doesn’t mean simply bringing on recruits without providing them guidance. You need to lead and train them in your successful sales process so everyone wins.

With apps like RapidFunnel, you can store all your prospecting, marketing, and sales tips in one convenient place to share with your team. 

Plan Presentation Objectives

Don’t settle for a digital-only marketing plan. The success of MLMs depends on person-to-person networking. You’ll still need to connect and engage with your prospects. You can achieve that by hosting parties or giving in-person presentations. 

To get the most out of these events, set goals for what you want to achieve. Such as how many people you need to show your products to per month or how many new salespeople you need to join your team per quarter to meet your financial goals. 

Connect and Sell Solutions

MLM businesses will give you sales tips to help sell their products. Ultimately, you’ll do your best selling by connecting authentically with your prospects, listening to their problems, and selling them solutions to those problems. 

How can the product you’re selling help them fix a pain point, meet a goal, or change their life? By connecting on a personal level with your prospects, you’ll find out exactly what’s troubling them and come up with a way to help. This is what will make you a great salesperson. 

Master Marketing

Traditional network marketers will tell you that everyone is a potential prospect. That’s not true. Not everyone is going to need or want your product or want to join your team. You need to cultivate your network marketing prospecting skills and target people genuinely interested in what you have to sell. 

person working on a marketing strategy

To find your target market, you’ll need to master various marketing skills, from developing a website and social media presence to blogging, creating effective email campaigns, and reaching new prospects through digital and in-person channels. 

Differentiate Yourself from Other Sellers

Since MLM businesses have thousands of distributors selling the same products, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from other sellers. 

  • What makes you unique? 
  • What draws people to you? 
  • What can you offer prospects that sets you apart from other sellers? 
  • What can you bring to the team that will make you a better leader, able to help your sales team generate more business? 

Spend some time thinking about what you can offer to encourage prospects to buy from you. 

Fine-Tune Your Follow-Up System

Sales are all about follow-up. Not many will make a purchase the first time you reach out to them. You’ll need an organized system for following up with your prospects. One in which you can track how they want to be contacted, whether by email, phone call, text, in person, or via social media. 

The RapidFunnel App lets you keep all your prospects and clients organized in one place. Our Authentic Sharing Technology (AST) enables you to use automation technology to maintain and develop authentic, person-to-person relationships without sacrificing your time. 

To find out more, schedule a demo with us today.

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