Making Connections: How to Recruit in Network Marketing

Many new prospects enter the world of network marketing with great trepidation. This is often their first introduction to sales or recruiting of any kind and they’re anxious and wondering, “What is the best way to recruit?”

Any good network marketing business will share with its new team members the attributes of an ideal candidate for recruitment. Developing a clear understanding of the type of person you want to recruit can help you target your efforts more effectively and attract the right people to your team.

Consider these factors:

Think about the types of backgrounds that are well-suited for network marketing.

What types of interests are aligned with the products or services you are promoting?

Think about why someone might be interested in joining a network marketing company.

Commonly, motivations include the desire for financial freedom, the opportunity to work from home, or the chance to be part of a supportive community. 

Identifying the driving forces behind your prospects can be a huge benefit in finding the right candidates for your opportunity.

With the ideal attributes in mind, the foundations of recruiting should become second nature.

Of course, generating qualified leads is crucial to successful sales and recruiting in network marketing, but it’s important to remember that nobody wants to be pitched. The key to network marketing recruiting is building rapport and genuinely understanding the needs, wants, and interests of your prospects before deciding if there is value in presenting your solution.

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Unfortunately, many make the mistake of putting a dollar sign on every head in their sightline, which makes it difficult to build genuine relationships. When you are having a conversation but the inside of your head is screaming “Make the sale!” it’s nearly impossible to act in the best interests of the prospect.

The most important thing to know about network marketing, and recruiting in network marketing specifically, is that your job is to make two connections per day. This is not to say that your job is to pitch or recruit two people per day, but rather simply to build a genuine relationship, identifying the needs, desires, and challenges of a potential prospect. 

Then, and only then, based on your criteria for ideal candidates, can you determine if your solution is a good fit for them.

In addition to being an effective strategy, this “job” takes the pressure off the new recruit. As long as they are engaged in this activity, recruiting will take care of itself.

But so often, the question for new recruits becomes “How do I build rapport?”

One of the best ways to build rapport and identify problems is by asking questions. Questions are a window to the soul.

Show (and have) a genuine interest in what makes a person tick. What are they passionate about? What are they struggling with? Most people love feeling heard and respond positively to it.

We are all aware of the double-edged sword of social media. And we’ve all seen too many posts hawking some company/product or another. But the fact is that social media is a powerful tool that, used properly, can successfully aid in network marketing recruiting. 

Posting simple, fun, and lighthearted surveys, designed to identify problems that your prospects are facing, is a great example. These surveys are not meant to pitch your product or solution but to get to know your prospect and their concerns better. By properly designing these surveys, you can get a wealth of information in as little as seven simple questions.

The key to converting these relationships to prospects (when there is a fit) is to have an effective and simple system for following up.

Authentic sharing technology is a new breed of tools that can simplify your follow-up and help you leverage (in one place) all the connection methods that are available.

Authentic sharing technology allows you to share your story and the stories of your successful team members directly with a prospect in a way that is authentic and genuine. This goes above and beyond in helping build trust and credibility with potential recruits without making them feel pitched or hounded.

Use videos, blogs, and other relevant content to share your personal journey and why you joined the network marketing company. This can help potential recruits relate to you and understand why the opportunity might be a good fit for them.

Authentic sharing technology demonstrates the potential of the opportunity and shows recruits what is possible with hard work and dedication.

Training your team to recruit is simpler when everything they need is at their fingertips. The network marketing industry can be an intimidating place to even the most seasoned sales professionals, but using the right technology can mitigate much of that by giving your team members access to the best tools to help them act on their most important activities–prospecting and follow-up.

Building genuine relationships and understanding the needs of your prospects is key to generating qualified leads. Asking questions can help you identify these needs, and following up with the right prospects can be made easier and more effective with the use of the right technology.

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