Resource: User Glossary of Our Terminology


We’ve created this document to help familiarize you with our App terminology. By understanding what these specific terms refer to, you’ll gain a better understanding of the stats and info in your app, the coaching/training materials, and our FAQs.

Specific Features Built into the Platform

Resources: Resources are the articles, videos, PDF files, etc. available for you to send to your prospects or
contacts right from the App, via email, SMS, and social media. Note: you may run into issues sharing some
resources via Instagram, since it’s a photo-sharing app and doesn’t acknowledge other file types, like PDFs.

Personal Resources (feature): When this feature is turned on for an account, it allows you to upload your
own personal resource links to the personal library on your mobile App. These links will be fully tracked for
you and you’ll be notified when a prospect clicks to view.

How To Create Your Own Personal Resources

Context: Personal Resources do not affect company resources and are grouped under a separate tab within the
Resource section of the App. **Standard FREE users can only add up to a maximum of 3 personal resources.

Activity Log (feature): Shows you exact details about what information you’ve sent out to specific prospects
and contacts and how they’ve responded to what you sent.

Group Code: The unique code that controls the available content for a particular group or company. Each
company and group has its own code. New users need to enter the appropriate group code upon signing up
for the App. Once you’re logged in, you can add additional group codes at any time.

Events (feature): This feature gives you access to your corporate calendar, lets you view the details of the
events, and sends your prospects invitations right from your App.

Personal Events ( feature): This feature lets you add your own events to the calendar. Your personal events
will only show in your account, not on the company calendar.

How To Create Your Own Personal Events

Hot Prospects (feature): Once a contact earns 50 points, they become a “hot” contact/prospect and will
show on your Hot List in the App. This tells you that your contact regularly views the resources you are
sending them and is interested.

Learn more about how points are assigned to your contacts at this link under the SCORING section

Leaderboard (feature): You can find the leaderboard right on the home screen of your App, where the top
point leaders are shown for each contest.

Recognition Board (feature): This is very similar to the leaderboard. The difference is this board will show
the names of anyone that hit the target but show nothing more than the target number hit. This is similar to the leaderboard except instead of showing the highest-scoring users, it shows the names of
everyone who achieved the target number of engagements during the specified time. The board doesn’t
show any details other than who hit the target, but unlike the leaderboard, you don’t need to have the most
points to earn a spot on the recognition board.

User Broadcast Email (feature): This is an email delivery feature that allows any qualified user (once you’ve
achieved a high enough opt-in and maintained a low spam rate) to send email messages out to a specific
group of contacts using the Labels feature.

Reminder (feature): Keep yourself on track by creating reminders in the App.

NOTE: The Reminders feature of the App links to the Calendar App that you have linked to your preferred email
address. If you are not sure whether your Calendar App is set up properly, we suggest that you reach out to your
device’s support line for assistance in setting it up.

Labels allow individual users to organize prospects under a label or category to simplify future
communications to the group of people identified.

Context: Labeling your prospects is important if you’d like to be able to email a specific group of prospects all at
once, easily. This is a powerful tool when used correctly.

Coaching (feature): A section of the App where training videos and other coaching information are kept.
This is where you’ll find great resources about how to use the App effectively.

Contest (feature): Check the contest section of your App monthly to see what contests your company is
holding. Getting involved is a great way to stay focused on growing your business.

Teammates (feature): Search for teammates within your company and invite them to connect, for quicker
communication right through the App. Once connected it’s super simple to ask others if they’re available to
help on a 3-way call with your interested prospect.

*How to use the new Teammates feature on the mobile App?
*How to use the new Teammates feature on the web?

Weekly Stats Report (feature): Stay up to date and focused on your goals by reviewing a weekly email
report that shows your account statistics from the previous two weeks.

Campaign: These are prewritten, ready-to-go email campaigns – personalized to you – that keep in touch
with your prospects long term, sharing appropriate resources and messaging and building trust, until the
time is right for them to make a decision.

(Other) General Terms Everyone Should Know

Contest Points: When you participate in monthly contests, you’ll receive points for achieving the objectives
set for that particular contest. You can check the contest details right in your App to understand the goals
for each one.

Opt-in Email: Permission-based marketing requires an “opt-in” from your interested contact. The first email
in each campaign reminds them that you’re sending the info they requested and asks them to click the link
to confirm their email and interest. Once they do that the campaign begins sending automatically.

Opt-in Rate: Applies to email campaigns only. Once you’ve reached a total of 50 contacts (total contacts, not
just assigned to campaigns) the system begins checking your opt-in rate, which is the number of contacts
who have opted-in vs. the total contacts you’ve ASSIGNED to campaigns.

Low and High Opt-in Rates: All users need to maintain an opt-in rate above 20% at a bare minimum. By
making a good first connection and asking your prospects to click that first confirmation email, you can keep
your opt-in rates high, which is what you want to build your business. Above 60% is considered a high opt-in
rate. 40-50% is okay but worth trying to improve. Below 40% is considered low. Below 30% lands you in the
warning zone and if rates fall to 10-20% opt-in, the campaign feature is turned off for that user to protect
everyone using the platform from spam blacklists.

Exposure: When you share a resource or email campaign with a prospect you’re exposing them to new
ideas and information, so we call this an exposure.

Engagement: When your prospect or contact clicks on a web page, watches a video, views a resource or
campaign email, responds to an event invite or a survey, they’re actively interested and engaging with what
you shared, so we call this an engagement.

Contact: Adding your prospects to the App turns them into a Contact and you’ll be able to follow their
activity with the resources you share, right in your App.

Distributor ID: Your distributor ID is your personal/company website login. It’s important to enter this
information in your initial App setup profile settings so that your personalized links will all work seamlessly
in the resources and campaigns you send out.

Dashboard: All your most important account stats and statistics can be seen at a glance on the main
Dashboard of your App.

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