Stop Building on Rented Land

Stop Building on Rented LandSocial Media & Your Business: Are you using them or are they using you?

TLDR; Using Facebook/Instagram/Social to build your business? Read/watch/listen/talk to us – to find out how you can move your prospects OFF this “rented land” and into your own personalized, ad-free environment, where you can build genuine, lasting referrals, with less effort and no “locked out of your account” surprises. Video: Stop Building On Rented Land

It’s an increasingly familiar scenario; you spend your time and money creating content that you’re really proud of. You’ve got the research behind it and feel good about how it speaks to your audience. There’s every reason it should help you build bigger and bring in more leads.

You push it out on all your social channels and watch in disappointment as it gets about eleven likes on Facebook, one share (likely by a friend) and eight likes on YouTube… what’s going on? You know your content is good, so WHY?

Have you experienced this disappointment? 

According to Pew Research, YouTube and Facebook are the most-widely used social media platforms and their user base offers the most broad representation of the population as a whole.

Facebook is the social platform most used by businesses and they’ve worked hard in recent years to capitalize on this, pinpointing their targeting demographics to improve content delivery and reach for their advertising clients. Their paying clients… And that’s the reason that your organic reach has declined so drastically.

Only 1 in 50 will see your post.

It’s estimated that only about 1 out of 50 people who follow your Facebook business page will actually see any one post, unless they physically click on your page for updates. Obviously this is a huge challenge for small businesses who are looking to grow organically and don’t have big budgets for paid posts.

Stop fighting social algorithms and sponsored ads for attention. 

The truth is, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are not going to push your content out to your followers… that’s not their deal. They’re happy to let you establish a presence online with a business page, but their first responsibility will always be to their advertisers. That’s how they make money and that’s the game you’re in when you’re building your business on social. You’re literally building your business on rented land.

Video: Stop Building on Rented Land!

Once upon a time, word-of-mouth marketing on Facebook was easy, but not anymore. Think about how much time you spend to get people interested in your concept and educating them about the benefits of your product or service. You build up a big network of people, then Facebook shows advertising from your competitors to those very same people. You’ve gathered this targeted, curious audience, but you don’t get the benefit of your work when you build on social.

But, that’s just Facebook’s model and leveraging Facebook is still a fine idea, but you need to understand the arena you’re building in and use it to your advantage.

Use them. Don’t let them use you. 

Facebook doesn’t sell your data, they sell their advertisers access to you and your preferences. So the more that your potential customers click to show interest in what you’re promoting, the more chance they’ll be shown something similar on their page, from a paid advertiser.

They’re not about to provide you with a list of email addresses or phone numbers to help you move contacts into your own system. Facebook owns ALL the data and they can change the rules at any time. There are many stories out there from people who found themselves locked out of pages they’d built and lost many followers.

So what can you do?

Move your contacts off rented land!

The simple solution is an App that exists within a new technology category called “Authentic Sharing Technology”. This technology connects people differently, within a more personal, connected environment that belongs to you.

The RapidFunnel App offers you a more genuine way to build real relationships with your customers and get quality referrals with less work. It’s branded to your business and ad free.

When you download this App, it creates a personalized environment where you can load your content into your library, then share seamlessly to your contacts on social media or by email or text.

And here’s what’s really different; all your communications stay within a private, closed-loop sharing cycle in the App. It delivers your content to your customers and then notifies you when they’ve looked at what you sent – in real time – for the easiest follow up process, ever.

This App includes all the best tools needed for digital marketing, which all work together so brilliantly that anyone can use them. Built in coaching, accountability, gamification features and more make this a perfect system for any business or networking team.

It’s really easy to use and completely duplicatable for anyone in your organization.

It’s time to think differently.

There’s a growing shift away from social advertising, as people grow weary of the constant barrage of noise on their newsfeeds. They aren’t sure who to trust anymore. Real connection through peer-to-peer, Authentic Sharing Technology is the solution to the social media struggles of big data, big noise and big advertising bucks.

Stop posting amazing content that goes unseen. Stop wasting energy trying to connect organically within a system built for paid advertising! It’s time to build your own brand, your way and connect more genuinely with your contacts.

Bring people together in your own personalized environment and create a better experience for your customers and everyone in your organization. Talk to us about adding the power of Authentic Sharing Technology to your business.

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