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RapidFunnel Inc. and “Powered by RapidFunnel” products are pioneers within the Authentic Sharing Technology space

RapidFunnel’s Authentic Sharing Technology products are changing the way people connect and share their business.

Relationship marketing offers the highest quality leads you can get, period.

Powered by RapidFunnel products have reinvented permission-based, relationship marketing through AST enabled tools that give everyone a simple, effective way to connect with their best customers and share about their business easier.

Typical digital marketing tools attempt to automate everything and end up removing the human touch. Authentic Sharing Technology tools live outside of the big data/invasive advertising jungle.

AST enabled products take human psychology, behaviours and habits into account. They’re designed to drive increased personal, human interactions in a way that feels natural and real to the users, making them the perfect choice for sales, coaching/training, employee referral programs, network marketing, or for any entrepreneur who connects with their clients directly, one to one.

The RapidFunnel App is a powerhouse sales toolbox – branded to you – that downloads directly to their mobile. Preload it with the best content, perfect customer facing tools like prospect surveys, explainer videos, lead capture pages, email campaigns, webinars and much more – all designed by you.

The App keeps people focused and leads them to take the proper actions every day, without the need to write any content, or learn about being a digital marketer.

We all know that attracting the consumer’s interest is more difficult than ever before. Shorter attention spans mixed with a bombardment of advertising across all media channels means that companies have to find new ways to connect authentically with their audience.

You can invest in new tools for your sales team and expand your marketing/advertising budget to try new things, but that still leaves you fighting for your ROI alongside everyone else. Here’s the thing… you already have an amazing resource that’s not being utilized to full potential… your people! Every time one of your people adds someone to their RapidFunnel App, you’ve opened the door to the type of business relationship that can only be achieved by person-to-person contact.

It’s a simple equation, people listen to people they respect. Creating powerful brand advocates and influencers within your own workforce helps generate more customers while improving morale, company wide.

Powered by RapidFunnel technology leverages existing human habits in new ways, to fire up and engage your team like never before. Give your people the tools they need to feel comfortable sharing your company story – all rolled into their smartphone!

Cutting edge technology is just the beginning...

You also need an experienced partner who knows how to pair tech with human behavior, to explode your business.

We’ll show you exactly to leverage Authentic Sharing Technology and set your people up for success! This is human-centric tech that feels natural for your team to use, as the App guides them through the exact winning process that will deliver on personal and company goals.

Your team doesn’t need a sales pitch, just a person who’s interested in more information. They enter the person’s information directly into the App, choose their area of interest in your company and add any notes. RapidFunnel does the rest… and it does a lot.

You can load all your company approved digital resources right into the App (company videos, pdfs, audio files, coupons, etc.). Whatever resource your team wants to share with the person they’re talking with is instantly available to send; via email and text, or to share on social media.

With just a single action, your company can stay in touch with potential customers long-term, through personalized email campaigns. Load the App with automated email campaigns, pre-written for your company’s different demographics and interests. RapidFunnel automatically sends the chosen campaign, inviting the potential customer to view relevant resources, which professionally expose them to your company. The short, friendly emails are personalized to come directly from the sender, in a conversational style that anyone could have written.

But here’s the thing; all your communications stay within a private sharing cycle, that delivers your content to your customers and then notifies you when they’ve looked at what you sent – in real time – so you know exactly when to follow up. It’s really easy to use! The App compiles a “Hot List” of the most interested contacts so that people instantly know where they should focus their time, for the easiest follow up ever.

Love analytics? Which of your videos are watched the most? How are people engaging with your resources? What creates action, or gets ignored? Stop steering your company from the rearview mirror. Our simple, intelligent analytics are delivered in real time to help you drive what’s working and nail your messaging. Get the visible answers you need to hone in and refine your content, to deliver the best results possible. Company administrators can easily hone in on what’s working, or lagging, and refine the content to deliver the best possible performance.

What about ongoing training or coaching in your organization? Fill the training section of the App with how-to videos and information that will help your people deliver their best.

You can also use the built-in Gamification features to increase engagement with the App. Redirecting a small amount of your marketing budget towards incentives and rewards allows people to earn some extras, while increasing overall involvement and team camaraderie through friendly competition – ultimately increasing sales!

And your team will be fully supported along the way. Our Support Experts work hard to make sure everyone gets the best from their RapidFunnel App. Support is available 24 hours a day, right from the App, via email, text and live chat. Or explore our detailed FAQs. Or visit our Facebook Support page.

Use Social Media - don’t let it use you!

Think about this… when you build your business on social, you’re literally building on rented land. Your followers become a captive audience to sponsored ads from other businesses – right on your page. So it’s like rented land… surrounded by billboards. And the rules could change at any time!

Stop fighting social algorithms and sponsored ads for attention. Being genuine and sharing your story well means everything today. In order to have a lasting impact with customers, businesses need to create trust and establish real relationships. And real relationships can’t be “paid per click”, or automated.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to build your own brand, your way.

RapidFunnel turns your people into revenue generating machines!

The beautiful thing is that your team always has great information to share instantly, anywhere they go! People are very attached to their smartphones. If you forgot your mobile at home, would you turn around and go get it? If you said yes, you’re far from alone – there are more than 276.5 million smartphone users in North America alone! Of those surveyed, 30% say they would always go back to get their phone and 40% would return for their phone, if they remembered within 10-20 minutes of leaving.

The RapidFunnel App leverages this love of connectivity and explodes growth for your organization. The gamification features and incentives make it fun to use, people are encouraged by instant responses from prospects in real time and love seeing their progress towards a reward, right on their App. Why not give your people everything they need to build success, literally at their fingertips…

RapidFunnel’s ease of use, resource sharing tools, built in tracking features, gamification incentives and real-time back-office data and analytics make this the perfect App for coaches, trainers, network marketing companies and businesses.

RapidFunnel changes people’s results

And, what do current users have to say about the App? We’ve received countless testimonials from companies and people who are enjoying more success than ever before, since putting the RapidFunnel App to work for their business. People love using this App and we love hearing how it helps them, every day.

We have a variety of packages available to keep your costs low, while offering customization options for companies who really want to take it to the next level.

So please, click a link above to learn more about the specific features and benefits available for your company’s vertical and then get in touch!

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