The Secret to Landing High-End Coaching Clients (It’s Not About YOU)

high end coaching

High-end coaching clients are eager for real solutions to their problems – even the problems they don’t know they have.

They’re willing and able to pay premium rates for solutions that work.

But what they’re really buying is the promise of bigger and better results.

So, how do you attract and keep more high-end clients with your coaching packages?

The secret is to create hyper-targeted solutions with lasting value for your ideal clients.

It’s less about YOU and more about a clear path for your clients to succeed long after they stop working with you. 

Separating solutions – and value – from your hands-on time coaching is a big part of the process. It will help you gain back that elusive work-life balance, as you win over more of the higher-paying clients you want to work with. 

Here are five steps to take your coaching offer from ho-hum to high-end. 

1. Identify Your Clients’ Needs: Go Deep

High-end clients don’t care about how many Zoom meetings you offer, the ebooks you’ve written, or the number of worksheets you give them.

They care about the value you provide them – value that continues after their relationship with you.

They pay you for the transformation and success you help them achieve.

If you’re a business coach, to best help your clients — and therefore book those clients willing to pay more for your service — you need to narrow down precisely what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. 

Don’t be vague!

Learn everything you can about your coaching niche so you can get specific. You need to be able to anticipate problems and have solutions on hand for high-end coaching clients. 

For business coaches, that means digging deep into day-to-day operations, sales, and marketing tasks your clients struggle with. 

business research for clients

Clients are facing more complexity than ever in their businesses. Coaching packages that can help them grow revenue – while simplifying their lives – are incredibly valuable! 

Choosing a coaching niche goes beyond picking a category. It means teaching something so specific that you may be one of only a handful of coaches teaching what you do.

You might even be the only one!

The other benefit of going deep with your niche is that you’ll position yourself as an expert in a specialty area. Your clients will be looking for the exact type of unique help that only you have to offer – and those that want the best are willing to pay for a specialist. 

2. Help Clients Directly: Provide Actionable Insights and Resources

High-end clients want more than just encouragement and cheerleading. Your clients need specific help with many aspects of the business specialty you’re helping them create.

Help your clients get more organized, streamline their processes, and share tricks of the trade they can put into immediate use.

Some of the best ways to do this are through actionable resources like how-to videos and step-by-step guides. You’ll want to provide as much information as possible so they can start applying your methods immediately.

producing how-to videos

For example, a significant pain point for many business owners is making sales. Your goal is to help your clients learn how to make sales on their own (if they haven’t already).

So how do you step in and teach them how to do this?

Think about what you did to make your first sales.

  • How did you reach new leads?
  • What was your marketing plan?
  • Did you follow up on potential leads?
  • How did you keep track of all your leads? 

You can also provide high-end clients a ton of value by offering easy-to-use templates in a coaching package. Templates that tell them exactly what to say in their marketing and sales communications to get results are both a simplifier and a revenue-generator for business owners.

For example, you can include pre-written texts and email campaigns, sales scripts, pre-written landing pages, digital business cards, and marketing plans they can personalize for their own business. 

By giving clients these tools, you’re not doing the work for them. You’re giving them a leg up over the competition by handing them a tried-and-true toolkit to build a profitable business.

3. Offer Personalized Content: Understand Your Clients’ Pain Points

Your clients want to feel heard.

They want to know you understand their individual pain points.

When you identify where they’re struggling the most, you’ll find your biggest opportunity to offer them real value!

You can discover what your clients need by researching and digging deeper…find out more about them, their business, and their goals.

video call with a client

Get on calls with potential clients, join social media groups, find out what they’re thinking about, what they worry about, and what they want and need the most help in solving. 

Business coaches can offer personalization in all kinds of content – from turn-key social media campaigns to personality profiles and quiz funnels. The more you understand your clients’ businesses, the more valuable personalizable content you can create.

You need to know not just what they struggle with, but how they talk about it with their peers so you can tailor your coaching content to better suit their needs. 

Once you have insight into what your ideal clients struggle with and what keeps them up at night, you can use their own language in your coaching marketing materials that gets them to stop what they’re doing, look at your coaching service, and say:

Wow! That’s me! That’s exactly the kind of help I’ve been looking for!” 

4. Make Onboarding Simple: Lay Out the Value of Your Offer

By this point, you’ve clarified who your clients are and their biggest struggles and needs. 

You’ve narrowed down your niche and created a personalized, hyper-targeted, high-end coaching package. 

Now it’s time to sell! 

The problem is, telling someone how much you charge can be a daunting task.

The key is to focus on the value you offer. 

Tell them what you charge – and why it’s worth it!

Remember that you’re offering your clients much more than your time, knowledge, and skills. 

You’re offering them invaluable transformation.

Include testimonials as social proof to show high-end clients that your methods work.

business handshake

However you decide to set your coaching rates, make sure you create a clear, simple, and straightforward onboarding process. Clients don’t want to feel they have to negotiate with you, and if you hem and haw about how much you charge, they will.

You can offer a variety of coaching packages at different price points, but remember, high-end coaching clients are willing to pay more because they want the best service.

They want to truly change their lives.

5. Measure Your Value Proposition: Long-Term Benefits Are the Key to Success

Your value proposition is what makes your coaching service attractive to high-end clients. It’s a simple statement that clearly communicates the benefits of your services that sets you apart from other niche coaches.

But don’t stop perfecting your value proposition, no matter how many clients you land. There’s always room to add more value, simplify your clients’ lives, and help them achieve better results.

Ask yourself:

  • What are you offering that’s unique?
  • How does your coaching service differ from your competition?
  • Would your clients continue to pay for the service even if you weren’t around? 

Ultimately, the answer to that last question is where your true value exists… If your answer is “They’d probably find someone else,” you need to go back and figure out what makes your service the better choice. 

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