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Here’s How to Build Your Business Better, Faster and Easier than EVER before!

The ONLY system that will get the results you’re looking for, is one that they’ll use! Forget CRMs, give them the App that rolls every sales and follow up tool they need right into their mobile device; for increased sales activities anywhere, not just on the lot! Everything is tracked, hottest leads are identified and real time notifications help reps nail the perfect follow up timing.

The Accelerator Comes Preloaded

Reps can share relevant content to customers instantly; from pre-written text messages and email campaigns to surveys, coupons and more.

Load Your Own Sales Content Too

Add your own dealership sales videos and other resources into the App for your team to have instantly available to share with anyone, anywhere.

Then Watch the Activity Happen

Your team just needs to connect and share. Their prospects’ activities are tracked and when they view what was sent, your salesperson gets a real-time notification.

Let Sales do what they do best; connect with people!

Free your team from their desks and make lead gen simpler!

The Accelerator App

Put your Dealership in their mobile and watch productivity skyrocket


Gives them a complete stats overview at a glance, in real-time.

Resource Library

Filled with sales resources (video, audio, PDFs, etc.) ready to share instantly via email, text or social. Delivered via custom pages, personalized to your team, with real-time tracking features.

Pre-written Email Campaigns

It’s all about the right person at the right time. Your team stays top-of-mind with these long-running email campaigns. The emails are short, friendly, and personalized to come from your team.

Hot Prospects

Imagine the easiest follow-up ever, with smart algorithms delivering a list of their most interested leads directly to your salespeople.

Activity Log

Clicking on any contact instantly shows your team what they’ve sent to them and what actions their customer has taken.

Gamification Improves Sales Engagement

Get your team involved in friendly competition by creating leaderboard and reward challenges right in the App! It tracks the details for you and your team sees their progress right on the Dashboard.

The Accelerator App

Put your Dealership in their mobile and watch productivity skyrocket

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What About Customer Service?

Our Customer Care Agents work hard to make sure everyone gets the best from The Accelerator App. Questions? Concerns? They’re available online to submit a help request, for a live chat 24/7, or we have detailed FAQs available.

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our customers say it best.


Increase your sales team’s engagement, lead gen activities and level of success, while delivering a more rewarding, personalized experience to your customers.

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