How to Leverage Duplication for Network Marketing Success

duplication in network marketing

Ever wish there were two of you? Or three? Imagine how much faster you could grow your network!

Duplication is the key to network marketing success. It helps you scale your business without having to do any extra work!

The most effective way to duplicate yourself is to develop a system that others can easily follow and replicate. If your system is overly complicated, people will be less likely to follow it.

You also need to be available to support your team, answer any questions they have about your process, and help them duplicate your system.

Don’t worry. We’ll show you what you need to do!

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What Is Duplication in Network Marketing?

Duplication, in network marketing, is getting people to do what you do. The ideal prospects are motivated and action-oriented. However, keep in mind that motivation isn’t enough to help your network marketing business grow. You need to be able to duplicate your process.

To accomplish this, you need to give others an easy-to-follow system and be available to help. You can do this by providing training, support, and encouragement.

How to Duplicate Yourself for Network Marketing

Here are seven quick tips (and a bonus one) to help enable you to leverage duplication in your MLM business.

Let’s jump in!

1. Recruit With Care

When recruiting members to your network marketing team, you must think carefully about the type of people you want. Not everyone is a good fit for network marketing. You need people who are coachable, willing to learn, and self-motivated.

These people are the most likely to duplicate your system and build a successful business.

2. Get to Know Your New Recruits

When you recruit someone to your team, take the time to talk with them. Ask about their goals, dreams, and motivation for joining your team.

The more you discover, the better you’ll be able to help them duplicate your processes.

As you bring on more team members, you’ll better understand who your ideal recruit is – making it easier to find people who are a perfect fit for your team.

3. Clear Onboarding Process

No one likes to feel lost or without guidance. 

A clear and concise onboarding process helps your team members understand exactly what they need to do to get started, and what will lead to their success.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

Creating a straightforward onboarding process is as simple as opening a Google Doc and drafting a simple checklist for them — what software they need, how they should set up their social media accounts, how to take a compelling profile picture, etc.

The beauty of an onboarding process is that you can adjust it until it works just how you need it to.

4. Ongoing Training

You already know that training your recruits is vital – but most people make the mistake of doing it once and then forgetting about it. 

This ALWAYS leads to failure. 

Training must be an ongoing process to keep people engaged and more effective. 

It’s essential for two reasons.

First, as your business grows, things will evolve. You need to keep your team up-to-date with the latest information.

Second, people learn in different ways. Offering a variety of training methods will help more people understand and follow your system.

5. Set Expectations Upfront

Training and support are essential. But as a leader, you must also set expectations for new team members.

Make it clear what they can expect from you.

  • How often will you be available to support and mentor them?
  • What materials will you provide them?
  • What kind of training will you provide?

In turn, make it clear what their responsibilities are and what you expect from them. Your recruits will know exactly what they need to do to be successful.

Having set expectations helps hold people accountable. If somebody isn’t meeting your expectations, you can talk to them about it and help them get back on track.

6. Check-In With Your Team

Don’t forget to check in with your team members!

This is important for two reasons.

First, it shows that you care about your team member’s progress and want to help them succeed.

Second, it allows you to give feedback and troubleshoot any problems they may have when duplicating your process.

A good time to check in is once a week, but depending on your schedule or team, you can do it more or less.

7. Lead by Example

One of the most important things you can do as a leader – is lead by example!

People will follow your lead if they see that what you’re doing is working.

If you want people to duplicate your system, you have to show them that it works by using your success as an example.

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Bonus Tip: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology can help leverage duplication in your MLM business. There are many tools available that can help.

The Rapid Funnel App can help your team to track leads and customers, provide training and support, and much more!

Rapid Funnel is essential for any network marketer who wants to build a successful business.

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