It’s No Secret, the Key to Success in Direct Sales is Exposures and Relationships, but How Do You Encourage Everyone to Engage?

Direct Selling is a relationship business. In 2014 over 70% of sales through this channel were made on a person to person basis. The most successful direct sales professionals are continually looking for people for whom their product or service might be a right fit. But how do you make this process easier and more fun for everyone involved? We know that exposures and follow-ups are keys to success in direct sales but new people struggle because they often say too much, experience anxiety and overthink the process. This makes for a cumbersome, often trying experience for the new associate. But what if the whole process could be simplified?

The challenges that every direct sales company faces… how to increase exposures, encourage proper follow-up, help the new associate overcome anxiety, identify your most active associates… can be quickly alleviated with the proper systems. Making the exposure process simple and convenient for everyone from the new associate to the seasoned builder will increase your company’s growth from every angle.

With the RapidFunnel Mobile App Your Associates Can Shorten Their Learning Curve and Immediately Begin Making Sales and Earning Income.

RapidFunnel is an affordable and effective way to inspire your associates to generate an endless supply of qualified sales leads, while systematically initiating ongoing conversations with their prospects about the products and services they need.

RapidFunnel is a simple, easy to implement app that allows you to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns with your target customers with the tap of a button on your smart phone.

It’s Easy

RapidFunnel was created so that companies have an easy to use tool for building a massive database of highly qualified prospects. Your company representative simply enters a person’s name and email address in the RapidFunnel App and then selects the email campaign or marketing offer to send them.

It’s simple for the user, and you build a massive database of potential customers. The back-end engine that runs RapidFunnel gives you the power to customize offers and track all your marketing data.

It’s Effective

Every savvy business owner or executive has a mantra, “incentivize the behavior you want.”

At RapidFunnel we’ve made custom incentive programs a core component of the App. Once your company creates its C&I program, users can see all the incentives available to them and get real time tracking of their accomplishments. We can even track and distribute your program rewards, so you can spend your time focused on converting your new prospects to sales.

Best of all, your employee morale increases because everyone has a common goal of improving the company’s bottom line.

It’s Affordable

Marketing and finding qualified prospects is part of every successful business. The trick is finding the most cost effective way to expose them to your company. Every time your company representative makes an entry into their RapidFunnel App you open the door to the type of business relationship that can only be achieved by person to person contact. These are the highest quality leads you can get, period. At RapidFunnel we have a variety of packages available to keep your costs low.

Plus, we offer customization options for companies who really want to take it to the next level.