How to Create a Coaching Package that Sells

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Are you a specialized coach looking to scale your business beyond the typical hourly model?

Then you’ll need to create a coaching package that will help your clients see measurable results for their business.

Niche coaching isn’t generally a one-and-done type deal. If they’re drawn to your methods, clients will buy more than one or two coaching sessions from you – but they’re spending money with a desired outcome in mind.

You want your coaching clients to succeed, and you need consistent, recurring revenue for your coaching business. The best coaching package – or coaching subscription – accomplishes both.

The specialty coaches we work with come from a wide array of industries, but all have one thing in common: they’ve mastered how to sell within their specific business vertical and know how to teach others to duplicate that success.

But being a superstar coach doesn’t mean they know how to package/deliver their coaching services in a way that helps their clients and maximizes their own time and revenue goals.

So, how do you choose the best method, put it all together, and sell your service?

Read this article for tips and advice on how you can create the ultimate coaching package.

Why You Need a Coaching Package

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One of the biggest challenges coaches, trainers, and consultants face is “churn” – the endless cycle of signing up new clients to replace the ones that drop off.

People are looking for help from someone who knows how to create a successful business in their chosen field, and they want to duplicate your proven methods to start their own successful business.

Coaching packages help increase the value of every new client you connect with, by asking for their commitment upfront. That’s a net benefit to your coaching business and your client’s engagement level with the training.

Clients may think they’re paying you for results – but they can’t get results without executing on what they learn.

Creating a coaching package allows you to share your expertise in an order that makes sense, so clients aren’t overwhelmed by where to start or what to do first. They’re able to implement what they’re learning at a sustainable pace, with the proper support and direction to grow their own business.

You can wear yourself out with content creation, or you can create great training content once, then offer that as a package to countless clients. From there, offering your clients additional tools or add-on value options can help grow your business exponentially, while increasing retention and taming your churn.

What to Include in a Coaching Package

There are many different types of coaching packages, but they should all include these basic elements:

  • Duration of the training package (three months, six months, one year, etc.)
  • Materials included (training videos, PDF guides, customer-facing resources, sample email campaigns, etc.)
  • Expected outcome for your clients (for niche coaching clients; starting/improving their own business and building revenue)
  • Price (cost per module, month/year, or one-time charge)

To sell your coaching package, you’ll need to clearly lay out what your clients can expect to get. Above all, focus your offer on the outcome, and how your training will help your clients get the results they want.

Coaching Time

How long does your training generally take to complete? Will clients sign up month-to-month, or for a set period of time (3-months, 6-months)? Or will you offer a monthly subscription where clients can access all of your coaching materials at any time?

The advantage of having a dedicated period of time for your training sessions is that you can set clear intentions and time-specific goals for clients.

Consider how much of your own time you’ll make available to clients. Will you be personally available? Can they reach out to you for assistance by email, phone, or text? Be clear in what you’re offering your clients and how much time they’ll receive individually.

Sales Content & Other Materials

man creating digital marketing materials

When teaching someone how to create a business in a particular field, you’ll want to give them detailed, how-to training that walks them through the steps that worked for you, along with guidance on what materials to send to their prospects, and when.

But even your best videos, guides, and training cannot help them execute on what they’ve learned when they’re out in the “real world,” and this is where many clients stumble.

More often than not, it’s due to being completely overwhelmed by the technology side of building their business. Creating content for social, writing campaigns, setting up a YouTube channel or an LMS system, a contact management system, or an email platform, etc. They just don’t know how to begin.

There’s a new technology, built for niche coaches, which has a significant impact on your client’s ability to properly execute on what they’re learning, while also making it easier for them to build.

Imagine handing your clients a perfect digital tool kit – with your exact steps to success laid out like a “yellow brick road” for them to follow – within a personalized platform filled with your best coaching and sales content.

RapidFunnel App

The RapidFunnel App rolls your best content together with the exact digital tools that clients need to execute on your proven processes. It’s a simple download that helps them build their business, and keeps them focused on the right actions for success.

The App uses Authentic Sharing Technology (AST). This unique technology was specifically designed to help grow one-on-one business relationships. It’s simple to use and makes sharing about their business feel more natural for your clients.

With the RapidFunnel App, your clients have clear, actionable steps to follow, based on your training and a simple way to conduct business professionally, from anywhere their mobile goes.

The App functions as a “value extension” to your training, improving client success rates, reducing churn, and creating a new revenue stream.

The App can include materials such as:

  • Your Coaching/Training Videos: Coaching section right in App
  • Customer-Facing Sales Materials: Fill the Resource Library with videos, PDFs, surveys, email campaigns, prewritten messages, push notifications, referral forms, and more – everything they need to connect!

And it’s all instantly shareable via email, text, or on social with just a few clicks, leaving “technology overwhelm” behind.

Coaching/Training Videos

Videos are an excellent learning tool – and they leverage your time exponentially. You can record these valuable lessons once and package them professionally.

RapidFunnel includes an entire coaching/training section right in the App where you can add your client training videos.

Set the right pace for your training modules. You can have them available all at once, or restrict access so that clients need to watch one before the next video is unlocked for viewing.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is where all your best customer-facing sales content is housed in the App – content that your clients will use to help build their own business.

With your branded version of the RapidFunnel App, you can give clients:

  • Sales content organized to follow your proven training process
  • Videos that educate your clients’ prospects
  • Lead Capture Pages, personalized to your client
  • A Digital Business Card with trackable links
  • Prewritten email campaigns, texts, and push notifications
  • Follow-up sales materials (such as referral forms)
  • Event and webinar invitations
  • Surveys
  • Your coaching and training modules
  • And nearly anything else you want to add!

Everything your clients send to their prospects is tracked for them, and when someone looks at what they sent, they get notified in real time, for the easiest follow up ever!


person looking at marketing analytics

In a digital world, having your own data is essential. Even the savviest coaches don’t always know how to access their own data to see what’s working, or what’s falling short. It leaves you adjusting the process in hindsight, like using a rearview mirror to course correct the road ahead.

This is where having your own App puts you even further ahead of your competition. You’ll be able to track the performance of the coaching materials and campaigns you give your clients, to see what’s really working for them, or which resources could use tweaking.

And when your clients download the App, they’ll get tracking features that show them when someone clicked on what they sent – in real time. They’ll also see how much their contact watched, helping gauge overall interest. And, smart algorithms deliver a daily “Hot List” of the most interested contacts right to your client’s App, for simplified follow up.

How to Price Your Coaching Packages

There are many different methods for pricing coaching services, depending on the offering: hourly, monthly, per module, per complete package, via an LMS system, etc.

Many coaches start out thinking they should charge per hour. But remember that every hour you spend one-on-one with your client, also comes with follow-up calls, emails, or texts. So unless you build that additional time into your hourly rate, it’ll be hard to make money as a coach, and it’s impossible to scale when directly trading time for money.

The important thing to remember is that clients are paying for results, not for your time.

Factor yourself in while making these decisions and think about how the training model you’re considering will impact your own life, now and in the future.

The coaches, trainers, and consultants we work with at RapidFunnel offer their clients a monthly/yearly subscription to their own branded App. They appreciate the time freedom this gives them, along with the unlimited ability to scale their business and help more clients achieve their own dreams.

How to Promote Your Coaching Packages

Promoting coaching packages in social media

Once you’ve figured out what to include in your coaching packages, and how you want to deliver them, you need to find clients who want to learn from you directly.

Since you specialize in a niche area, look for the places where people who can benefit from your services gather and network, both on or offline.

Are there member organizations that cater to your business niche? Are there trade publications where you could write a guest column in their newsletter or place a paid ad?

There may be social media groups where you can connect with people interested in the same field. If you’re not already part of those groups, you can join them and share snippets of information about your coaching to entice people to contact you or visit your profile for more details.

You could also offer a weekly or monthly email newsletter with just enough free content to show them how your expertise could benefit them, and offer a discovery call to those interested.

Promotional Videos

In addition to offering training videos for your clients, you could create short promotional videos where you share a tip about a specific aspect of your business, then share them on social networks, and in your emails to generate more leads.

Closed-Loop Sharing Cycle

This is something unique to the RapidFunnel App, that no other coaching package or subscription can offer. A closed-loop sharing cycle.

What is it, and why does it matter? When people build their business on social media, their followers become a captive audience to sponsored ads from other businesses, right on their own page! It’s literally like building your business on rented land. And social networks don’t share your data with you, they keep it for themselves.

When you give your clients the RapidFunnel App, all their communications stay within a private, closed-loop. When they post content or surveys from the App to social, the leads who click to watch will be seamlessly taken to the App environment, where all information is tracked and managed.

Your clients can use social media to build their business, without being used by it, keeping their business private and secure on your device. This video shows how it works.

Interested in creating a coaching subscription that’s easy to use, and helps clients build better, using your proven method for success?

The RapidFunnel App guides your clients through your exact winning process for sharing about their business, delivering massive growth. To find out more, please see:

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