Making Connections: How to Recruit in Network Marketing

Many new prospects enter the world of network marketing with great trepidation. This is often their first introduction to sales or recruiting of any kind and they’re anxious and wondering, “What is the best way to recruit?” Any good network marketing business will share with its new team members the attributes of an ideal candidate […]

Selling Against the Field: The Cardinal Sin of Network Marketing

The field is one of (if not THE) most important departments in any network marketing company. It is made up of sales associates who are a critical component of network marketing, as they play a key role in building and maintaining relationships with customers, generating sales, and growing the business.  The field is the face […]

Do You Really Need To Build A Personal Brand To Win In Network Marketing?

Every sales guru worth their weight is preaching the benefits of “building a personal brand”. But how important is this idea when it comes to building your network marketing business? Building a personal brand is no small feat and quite frankly, probably harder than actually building your business itself.  Just for reference, here are five […]

Legitimate MLM Business or Pyramid Scheme? How to Tell the Difference 

pyramid scheme vs mlm

Has someone you know asked you to invest in a fantastic new business opportunity? “All you have to do is invest some money and get others to join you!”  While it might sound like easy money, not knowing the difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme can cost you. The typical scenario is a […]

Multi-Level Marketing Vs. Direct Sales: What’s the Difference?

mlm vs direct sales

Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is talking about a new business opportunity that’s perfect for you. But how do they know? Whether you’re tired of the 9-5 office grind, commuting, or feeling like you have no control over your time – getting into sales might be an excellent way to shake things up […]

What Is Attraction Marketing?
(And How to Master It)

attraction marketing

Many people struggle to build momentum in their multi-level marketing (MLM) business. But instead of changing their approach, they double down on what they’ve been doing. They post more product promotions, pitch more of their contacts, and repeat ad nauseam: Buy, Sell, Join! Unfortunately, this typically leads to frustration. Promotions continue to be ignored – […]

How to Build a Network Marketing Team (the Smart Way)

network marketing team

Recruiting a successful team for your MLM business can feel like a never-ending grind. And the reason is that most teams are tracking the wrong metrics. Building an effective network marketing team is essential to the success of a multi-level marketing business (MLM) – but many sellers, even at the corporate level, have no idea […]

Income Producing Activities in Direct Sales: 3 Daily Essentials

income producing activities

Are you spending all your time promoting your direct sales business but still falling short of your goals? Then it’s time to shift your focus from working harder, to working smarter, by zeroing in on the income-producing activities that predict growth in multi-level marketing (MLM). Income-producing activities (IPAs) are the most effective ways to achieve […]

Network Marketing Success Tips: 12 Ways to Win in Direct Sales 

network marketing success

The network marketing industry has experienced enormous change over the last decade. Traditionally, the hallmark of success has been in attracting people looking for more in life and willing to put in some sweat equity to get it. They were intrigued by the promise of a business that was simple to start and only required […]