Making Connections: How to Recruit in Network Marketing

Many new prospects enter the world of network marketing with great trepidation. This is often their first introduction to sales or recruiting of any kind and they’re anxious and wondering, “What is the best way to recruit?” Any good network marketing business will share with its new team members the attributes of an ideal candidate […]

Selling Against the Field: The Cardinal Sin of Network Marketing

The field is one of (if not THE) most important departments in any network marketing company. It is made up of sales associates who are a critical component of network marketing, as they play a key role in building and maintaining relationships with customers, generating sales, and growing the business.  The field is the face […]

Do You Really Need To Build A Personal Brand To Win In Network Marketing?

Every sales guru worth their weight is preaching the benefits of “building a personal brand”. But how important is this idea when it comes to building your network marketing business? Building a personal brand is no small feat and quite frankly, probably harder than actually building your business itself.  Just for reference, here are five […]

The Secret to Landing High-End Coaching Clients (It’s Not About YOU)

high end coaching

High-end coaching clients are eager for real solutions to their problems – even the problems they don’t know they have. They’re willing and able to pay premium rates for solutions that work. But what they’re really buying is the promise of bigger and better results. So, how do you attract and keep more high-end clients […]

How to Price Your Business Coaching Services (And Win Back Your Time)

coaching pricing

Are you selling yourself short when it comes to pricing your coaching services?  Ask too much, and you’ll struggle to book new clients; ask too little, and potential clients might question the value of what you do.  Your coaching rates will depend on several factors, including your coaching niche, what your competitors charge, how much […]

The 20 Best Coaching Websites (And What You Can Learn from Them!)

We spend a lot of time poring over coaching websites to see what works and what doesn’t. Before creating your own coaching website, take a look at these top 20 sites to see what works for some of the most successful business, niche, or career specialty coaches. The criteria we used for judging these sites […]

Remote Coaching in a Virtual World: Freedom and Scalability

Remote coaching

Strong relationships are the heart and soul of successful coaching. Remote coaching does not detract from that essential core. It’s an opportunity to build it up! Coaches are finding effective ways to build relationships online, partly because the entire industry was forced into it during a global pandemic. But remote coaching has evolved into so […]

20 Strategies for Marketing a Niche Coaching Business

Coaching marketing featured image

Are you a coach just starting out or looking for more clients? Maybe you’ve been in the coaching business for a while, and things have slowed… Whatever the reason, if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you need new marketing strategies to generate more leads, sell more coaching packages, and get more sign-ups. The first […]

How to Find Your Business Coaching Niche (and Why It Matters)

Finding a coaching niche is your ticket to a roster of clients who are craving exactly what you can teach. When you’re craving fresh pasta with mountains of cheese and sauce, bursting with fresh tomatoes and garlic – where do you go? You go to the Italian restaurant where the owners have perfected their specialty […]