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You can find the story of RapidFunnel here, or find out about our Executive team here, but if you’re wondering what makes RapidFunnel such a great place to work and if it might be a fit for you…

That’s what this page is for!

Working with RapidFunnel

Who you are is as important to us as your skill set. Our team works together remotely, globally, from eight different countries and growing! This allows us to choose talented people, who are also the best fit for our company culture and values, no matter where in the world we find them. We’re a company with authentic purpose and strong leadership that values autonomy and an entrepreneurial spirit. Ideas are welcome from everyone and we all take time to engage deeply and learn from each other; across departments and cultures! We’ve built something very special together and we’re so excited for our future plans.

Our Values

1) Integrity
We’re transparent with each other and speak our mind honestly, but thoughtfully. We utilize the acronym “THINK” (is it: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Needed, Kind)

2) Growth Mindset
A growth mindset is CRITICAL for success with RapidFunnel. This includes both professional and personal growth. Expect a constant state of learning and curiosity. We assume nothing.

3) Attitude of Service
Our customers make our vision possible. We look to answer the question, “How can we improve the lives of the people we serve?”

4) Positive & Fun Environment
Together our team has built a positive, optimistic and fun environment that we all enjoy, appreciate and maintain. Working remotely offers more freedom and flexibility and we take the personal responsibility that goes along with that seriously.

5) Autonomy
As a distributed team, we are very self motivated, autonomous people who bring our best to every day. Mistakes will happen and are often excellent learning opportunities, but we make mistakes for all the right reasons.

6) Begin with the end in Mind!
We don’t take shortcuts, we didn’t build this company to just make money and sell. We are committed to finding better processes in everything we do and all we deliver.

Does this sound like you?

If you like the idea of contributing your talent and energy to the RapidFunnel Team, we invite you to apply!

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