• Your Employees Are Your Best Advocates

    Brand messages are re-shared 24 times more often when shared by an employee vs the company

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  • LOVE IT. ONLY way to grow your business.

    - D. Snell
  • Revolutionary. The entire business’ tools in an app, easy day.

    - B. Johnson
  • This app has supercharged my efforts! The best tool I have used in all my years with the company!

    - PlatWrld
  • I've been in this business since 2005 and nothing else closes sales better... it presents when I'm not there.

    - Olin R.
  • This is a paperless business tool! I can email or text the exact document a person wants.

    - Sarah D.
  • The best addition to my business.

    - C. Nicolls
  • While I slept my book of business grew… It’s like having someone work the ‘night shift’ while I took my much needed power nap!

    - T. Kelly

Customers referred by an advocate have a 37% higher retention rate. Ready to fully engage your workforce?

Attracting the consumer's interest is more difficult than ever before. Shorter attention spans mixed with a bombardment of advertising across all media channels means that companies have to find new ways to connect authentically with their audience.

You can invest in new tools for your sales team and expand your marketing/advertising budget to try new things, but that still leaves you fighting for your ROI alongside everyone else. But here’s the thing, you already have an amazing resource that’s not being utilized to full potential… your employees!

It’s a simple equation, people listen to people they respect. Creating powerful brand advocates and influencers within your workforce will help generate more customers while improving morale, company wide. But building a brand advocate/incentive program is cumbersome and time consuming.

That’s where we come in. The RapidFunnel App gives your business a simple way to engage all employees in the process of finding your best customers. Give them the tools they need to feel comfortable sharing your company story - all rolled into their smartphone! Redirecting a small amount of your marketing budget towards incentives and rewards allows employees to earn some extras, while increasing overall involvement, camaraderie and ultimately, sales!

Seasoned Professionals call the RapidFunnel App a "game changer"

Here's why...

  • All They Need is A Smartphone
  • Huge Library of Company Resources
  • Long-Running Automated Campaigns
  • Personalized Viewing Pages
  • Build Camaraderie with Rewards and Gamification
  • Improve The Sales Process With Automated Follow Up Notifications
  • Intelligent Analytics Help You Nail Your Messaging
  • Affordable With An Excellent ROI

All They Need Is A Smartphone

All the tools needed for success are loaded right in the App (also available for web). Your employees don’t need a sales pitch, just a person who’s interested in information about your company. They enter their contact’s information directly into the App on their smartphone - quickly and easily - add any notes, or schedule a follow up reminder. RapidFunnel does the rest!

Intelligent algorithms track engagement, and show your sales team who is most interested in 'Hot Prospects'. They can also see all actions the contact has taken in the 'Activity Log', for the smartest, simplest follow up ever!

Huge Library of Company Resources

You can load all your company approved digital resources right in the App (company videos, pdfs of brochures, audio files, coupons, etc.). Whatever resource your employee wants to share with the person they’re talking to is instantly available to send via email and text, or to share on social media.

Long-Running Automated Campaigns

With just one action from your employees, your company can stay in touch long-term, through personalized email campaigns. The App is loaded with email campaigns, pre-written for your company’s different demographics and areas of interest: Product Lines, Business Opportunities, etc. RapidFunnel automatically sends the chosen campaign, inviting contacts to view relevant resources that professionally expose them to your company. The short, friendly emails are personalized to come directly from the sender, in a conversational style that anyone could have written.

Personalized Viewing Pages

Seriously professional presentation. Every resource is viewed from a company branded page, personalized with your employee’s name and a welcome message from them. There’s even a contact form right on the page, so contacts can easily get in touch. Information entered on that form is automatically loaded right into the App’s contact details.

Build Camaraderie with Rewards and Gamification

Different ways to motivate, incentivize and reward your employees are built right into the App! Creating different challenges for your people encourages friendly competition and motivates them to share info about your business with others. They can scroll through the Rewards feature to view different challenges and the incentive they could earn. RapidFunnel tracks all your marketing data and your employees can see their progress right on the App.

Improve The Sales Process With Automated Follow Up Notifications and a list of Hot Prospects

Could this be the easiest follow up ever? RapidFunnel sends a notification once contacts have viewed the information sent to them. The team handling your sales and follow up will instantly know who the most interested leads are and can focus their time on them first. The Hot Prospects feature algorithms keep track of actions taken by contacts and always shows you the most interested leads first.

Intelligent Analytics Help You Nail Your Messaging

Which of your videos are watched the most? How are people engaging with your resources? What creates action or gets ignored? RapidFunnel’s back office analytics give you visible answers. Here you’ll find important information like open rates, click rates, and stats about your resources and campaigns. Company administrators can easily hone in on what’s working, or lagging, and refine the content to deliver the best possible performance.

Affordable With An Excellent ROI

Every time one of your employees adds a person to their RapidFunnel App, you’ve opened the door to the type of business relationship that can only be achieved by person-to-person contact. Relationship marketing offers the highest quality leads you can get, period. We have a variety of packages available to keep your costs low and offer customization options for companies who really want to take it to the next level.

RapidFunnel turns your employees into revenue generating machines!

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Interest in employee advocacy has grown 191% since 2013. Are you ready to see what your people can do?

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