The 20 Best Coaching Websites (And What You Can Learn from Them!)

We spend a lot of time poring over coaching websites to see what works and what doesn’t.

Before creating your own coaching website, take a look at these top 20 sites to see what works for some of the most successful business, niche, or career specialty coaches.

The criteria we used for judging these sites is simple. In addition to having a pleasing appearance and being easy to navigate, we also chose them based on: 

  1. Attractive and modern design
  2. Clear explanation of what the coach does
  3. Professional images
  4. Compelling background information about the coach
  5. “As seen on” or “Featured in” section with reputable media sources
  6. Client testimonials
  7. A clear call to action
  8. Video footage of the coach

While not all of the sites meet every criteria, what they all have in common is that the homepage delivers a clear message perfectly tailored to the clients they want to attract. 

The following sites will inspire you to think creatively about your own coaching website. 

1. The Uncaged Life

Business and solopreneur coach Becca’s modern website hits all our criteria on her homepage. She lays out exactly what she does and for whom, all packaged in a pleasantly modern design. She also offers a free 1.5-hour video training (which you can get in exchange for your email address).

The Uncaged Life


2. Nicholas Kusmich

The first thing you see on Nicholas’s website is that he helps businesses rapidly scale using Facebook advertising. Not only is he a business coach, but he’s found a specific coaching niche (we love niches!). His website clearly explains what he does, who he does it for, and what they have to say about him and his team.


3. Ann Van De Perre

Ann works with executives, leadership teams, and organizations on moving their companies forward through change. Based in Brussels, her website makes it clear that she helps businesses in Europe and the US. She also includes a compelling video where she shares how she’s helped executive clients and organizations through change management and how to survive various crises in business. 

Ann Van De Perre


4. Nev Harris

Nev makes it clear that he solves a very common problem in business: that of talented entrepreneurs who have a clear vision of their business, but lack the financial know-how to really scale their profits. 

Nev’s clear value proposition is this: “I help agencies grow their business by understanding their finances at a deeper level.” He also offers a podcast, a blog, a free ebook, and a couple of free courses, so you can check out his work before committing to work with him one-on-one.

Nev Harris


5. Denise Duffield Thomas

Denise helps entrepreneurs revolutionize their “money mindset” and release the fears holding them back from charging what their worth and increasing their wealth. Unlike a traditional one-on-one coach, Denise makes smart use of coaching packages, like her Money Bootcamp, which includes a 6-module course, a year of monthly, live group coaching sessions, and access to her exclusive bootcamp entrepreneurial community of mentors and coaches. 

She also uses her website to sell her books on how to make money, and connects with her audience through sharing details about her personal life. 

Denise Duffield Thomas


6. Kara Gaisie

Kara is a coach for coaches. Her niche is helping people leave their 6-figure corporate jobs to become successful 6-figure coaches. She also focuses on helping her clients overcome the scarcity mindset, so they feel comfortable charging what they’re worth. 

Her website is simple, sharing a personal anecdote about how she felt when she left corporate culture (and all her fears about giving up her salary and lifestyle that went along with it). She lets the reader know they, too, can do what she did, and then offers a clear call to action. 

Kara Gaisie


7. Rachel Hamlin

Rachel’s website opens with a large, high-quality image, and offers very little text above the fold, creating a nice change from other text-heavy websites. 

The top copy simply states, “Building Better Mondays: For Overworked Executives and Founders.” Then below the fold: “Hi, I’m Rachel. I help busy people to beat burnout & create success that feels as good as it looks.” Then she offers a way to book a free 1-hour consultation, a way to subscribe to her newsletter, her blog posts, and her Instagram account. 

Rachel Hamlin


8. Antoinette Dale Henderson

Antoinette’s website offers you a personal assessment of your leadership potential right off the bat. This gives you information about what type of coach she is and the steps you can take to find out where you’re at in your leadership development. 

It’s also clear from the get-go that you can book a free call to find out if her services are right for you. As you scroll down the homepage, you can see the impressive list of businesses she’s helped, and which tailored programs might be right for you or your business. 

Antoinette Dale Henderson


9. Susan Shaw

Susan offers one-on-one coaching for women executives whose career goals and drives may be interfering negatively with their personal lives. Susan offers a complimentary call to see if she’s the right fit for you. 

Her website is simple, focused, and to the point. You don’t have to click around to find out what she does or who she does it for. 

Susan Shaw


RapidFunnel App

The RapidFunnel App rolls your best content together with the exact digital tools that clients need to execute on your proven processes. It’s a simple download that helps them build their business, and keeps them focused on the right actions for success.

10. Leading With Humanity

Leading With Humanity is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to lead their business or organization with core humanitarian values. The first thing offered on the website is to book a free call, then download a free ebook, “How To Lead With Humanity.” 

On the about page, you learn about Veronica, the founder, and why she started Leading With Humanity (spoiler alert: like many people, she was struggling in life and unhappy in her job). There’s also a resources page where you can read inspiring articles and watch videos from Veronica’s speaking engagements. 

Leading With Humanity


11. Side Hustle Nation

Nick started this website to help people make enough money from side hustles to leave their 9-5 jobs. While not a traditional coach, Nick’s website is filled with side hustle ideas and stories of how others have made 6-figure incomes or passive income through their side hustle. 

When you sign up for his newsletter, you first receive his “$500 Challenge,” a step-by-step guide to adding $500 to your bottom line. This is a great resource for anyone who dreams of quitting their corporate 9-5 and is looking for ideas to grow their side hustle.

Side Hustle Nation


12. Matthew Kimberley

Matthew’s website wastes no time by offering a free guide for small business owners. If you haven’t noticed yet, offering a free resource is a common – and effective – coaching marketing strategy!

From the second you land on his website, it’s clear what type of coach he is and what he can do for you. He helps small business owners sell more through better marketing. 

Matthew Kimberley


13. Deliberate Directions

Deliberate Directions states, “We Help Business Executives Lead, Live and Love More Deliberately.” Underneath that, you can easily book a strategy session with them. They offer a nice range of business coaching, leadership development workshops, business planning workshops, and more! 

You can also subscribe to their free newsletter and receive a summary of 150 business books, or listen to their podcast – effective ways to draw in their ideal audience. 

Deliberate Directions


14. Maxwell Leadership

Maxwell Leadership offers values-based leadership training and coaching for personal transformation, building a business, and making a difference at work or in your community. The page’s center quote, “Creating positive change is the best way to test whether a person can lead well…and everyone deserves to be led well.” 

Below that is a clear call to action that anyone interested in leading can click on to get started.

Maxwell Leadership


15. Samantha Siffring

Samantha helps moms build profitable online businesses while raising kids. If you’re a mom with young children and feel like you can’t possibly build a successful home-based online business, Samantha offers a 5-module course, online coaching help from her team of certified coaches, and more. 

Her call to action is an invitation to work with her, creating a supportive sense of teamwork her ideal clients will connect with.

Samantha Siffring


16. Press Start Leadership

The Press Start Leadership website opens with a pop-up to download their guide that promises you’ll come to understand “… these five heroic leadership skills which are required to make an effective and successful leader in the video game industry. Get instant access below.” 

This is another example of starting a coaching business with an ultra-specific niche. They offer “game-changing” leadership coaching for developers and leaders in the video game industry, and their website reflects the look and feel of that industry. Plus, not only do they offer personalized coaching, but workshops and retreats for video game developers. 

Press Start Leadership


17. Kimberley Sherwood

Kimberley’s website starts with the simple words, “A thriving nonprofit is unstoppable,” making it clear that she helps nonprofit leaders. Scrolling down, you next see that her key focus areas are fundraising, strategic planning, and governance. Scrolling down a bit more, you see that her business helps nonprofits through coaching, consulting, and facilitating. 

The website also offers case studies and articles, and the homepage ends with a way to set up a free call with Kimberley to see if you want to work with her. 

Kimberley Sherwood


18. The Bulletproof Musician

“Want to perform better under pressure?” is the first thing you read on The Bulletproof Musician’s website. With a nice photo of Noa Kagayama, you learn that he started playing violin at age two, but suffered from extreme performance anxiety for over 20 years. Now, with his Ph.D. in psychology, he helps musicians get a handle on their performance anxiety. 

He offers a quiz to help musicians identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a blog and online courses.

The Bulletproof Musician


19. Happen To Your Career

This website offers personalized coaching for high performers feeling burnt out and seeking a midlife career change. You have to scroll through their other free offerings to get to the meat of the coaching they offer. 

But it’s all valuable: a free 8-day course to help you discover your ideal career and find meaningful, well-paid work without starting over; a podcast about thriving in a new career; and a section of resources and guides all about what’s it like changing careers. 

Happen To Your Career


20. Money School With Mark Butler

While not a traditional coaching website, we included this website for its simplicity and the free advice Mark offers about money (a topic we’re sure everyone could always use a little help with). In exchange for your email address, Mark will send you “A few weird stories that could knock loose some of your most unproductive ideas about money.” 

In addition to that, he’s worked with six-, seven-, and eight-figure coaches as their CFO and personal money guy!

Money School With Mark Butler


As you can see, there’s a wide variety of designs for websites, but successful ones are visually appealing with a focus on high-quality images of the coach. The messaging is simple enough to make it immediately clear who they can help, and how they are uniquely positioned to help those people achieve a meaningful goal.

Most importantly, a great coaching website makes it easy to take the next step – it has a clear call to action for people to take.

Of course, you can do a lot more to make your website stand out! But these basic elements will make sure that when your ideal clients land on your site, they know they’re in the right place and what to do next.

If you want to take your coaching to the next level, learn how the RapidFunnel App can help. With easy-to-implement coaching subscription packages, you can finally unlock the full potential of your expertise, helping more clients achieve their business goals – while you scale your coaching revenue!

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