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– Sarah Dye –

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Business Muscle for Your Mobile

Strike up a conversation and enter your prospects information directly into the App on your iPhone or Android, quickly and easily! Add notes, schedule a follow up and choose their area of interest.

Automated Campaigns

RapidFunnel will automatically send your prospects whichever email campaign you choose, inviting them to view relevant resources that professionally expose them to our company. Everything they receive is personalized to come from you.

Follow Up with Tracking and Notifications

Follow up is made easy with RapidFunnel’s smart notification features that let you know when your prospect has viewed the information you sent them. You’ll instantly know who your hottest prospects are and can focus your time on them first.

Huge Library of Company Resources

You’ll have over 75 company approved digital resources loaded right in your App (videos, pdfs, audio files and more) that you can instantly send to any of your contacts via email and text, or share on social media.

Personalized Viewing Pages

Your prospect views the information framed in a personalized page, complete with our company branding and a welcome message from you. There’s even a contact form right on the page, so they can easily get in touch. Plus, any information they fill out on the contact form is automatically loaded right into RapidFunnel in their contact details.

Rewards are Built In

Scroll through the Rewards feature, choose a current challenge and earn incentives and prizes, just for building your business! RapidFunnel tracks the details for you and you’ll see your progress right on the App.

Building A Strong Team is Easy

Helping new coaches overcome confidence issues is a snap! Once they see how easy it is to share about Beachbody using the RapidFunnel App, your business will explode.

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