Translations Services


We have a proven process that will ensure your translation goes smoothly. 

There are two parts to the translation process: the App dashboard and resources. Our translation services for resources and campaigns are separate from translations for the App dashboard. You are free to translate your resources and campaigns into any language you choose but the App dashboard is currently limited to 15 languages.


  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Korean
  4. French
  5. Canadian/French
  6. German
  7. Italian
  8. Chinese
  9. Japanese
  10. Russian
  11. Thai
  12. Turkish
  13. Vietnamese
  14. Hungarian
  15. Swedish

*If you don’t see your language listed, we can add it for a fee.

We will provide you with a Google document of all your resources currently in the App and a quote for uploading the translated resources, depending on how many resources you have. Once you have your resources translated and completed on the provided Google document, we will upload your translation resources to your App. We will also create a Group Code name for the translated copy (e.g. SPANISH).


  1. To make sure your translation timeline and needs are met, book a call with your Grow Team Expert (GTE) to go over these steps. 
  2. Check if the App dashboard language you want is already on the list. If the requested language is unavailable, coordinate with your GTE to get a quotation for the translation.
  3. Next, the GTE will verify which resources(including categories) and campaigns you want to be translated.
  4. Set a target date for the launch of your new group code. We will establish a deadline for all elements needed. (Note: your GTE needs at least two weeks before launch to complete all deliverables.)
  5. For video translations, you’ll need to provide the translated videos and/or the transcripts or SRT files for the captions.
  6. Create a group code name for the translated resources.
  7. Note that the GTE will only start this process after all elements (materials) have been submitted. No exceptions.
  8. Notify us if campaigns also need to be translated


  1. A Google Drive folder will be used to store all elements needed for the creation of your new group code. Your GTE will use the internal/external description format for your files and create a list of the resources to be translated. Click here to see a sample spreadsheet and to get an overview of this process.
  2. For any resources containing written text over graphics/photos(such as images with a written product description), please contact the owner of that resource and provide us with an updated translated version. The final image needs to be uploaded in the translation folder, with details about where this resource should appear in the App.


  • To ensure that the translation process goes smoothly, we will use a live Google document and a spreadsheet to make sure we are all on the same page. 
  • We ask that you avoid using multiple documents when submitting comments or points for revision. Instead, please write your comments directly on the live working documents until they are completed. Do not copy and paste the text to another document.
  • Breaking this process will add weeks to your deadline so it’s important that you follow these guidelines and work together on the Google document and spreadsheet until they are completed. 
  • If translators or other outsourced collaborators require access to the Google documents, notify your GTE so they can give them access.


  1. After you’ve submitted all the elements, the GTE will create the group code and populate the contents.
  2. The GTE will give you updates about the percentage completed as work progresses. You may also check the resource tracker sheet to view which resources have been completed or are pending.


  1. You will be notified once the translation is complete.
  2. You can then add the group code to your App and test it out.
  3. At this point, you can give final approval or make changes. Any revisions should be written as comments using the same Google documents from phase 2. 


  1. After you’ve approved the group code contents, you can launch it to your team or company.
  2. If you need a Getting Started page for this group code, they’re available for purchase at $300 each. CLICK HERE
  3. Make sure you properly launch your new group code at a company or team event and send out a broadcast via SMS, email, or push notification to make sure everyone knows. You could even add this launch as an Event on your App.
  4. We suggest that you create a short step-by-step tutorial about how your team can quickly add the new group code to their App in both text and video format. 


  1. Each email in a campaign counts as one resource.
  2. Our standard pricing is $300 for 30 resources. For example, if you had 63 resources for translation, you would pay $900. 
  3. If you have a Gold Grow Team plan, you will receive 30 resource translations for free. After that, the price is the same at $300 for every 30 resources.
  4. Note: comped Grow Team Packages based on paid users do not qualify for free translation.


We’ve translated resources into more than 100 languages to date. We’re confident that you’ll save thousands of dollars with our translation services, compared to creating your own custom App.

Let us start with the translation process now by choosing which translation service you need and wait for your Grow Team Expert to reach out.

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