How to Create a Survey Resource

  1. Log in to your Rapidfunnel Admin Account
  2. On the Left Panel, Click on Resources Tab
  3. On the Upper right corner of the Page, Click on Create New Resource
  4. Fill up the Title of the Resource Name and Description
  5. Select “Custom Page” as the type of Resource.
  6. Select the Category you want to place the resource.
  7. Complete the following
    • Subject
    • Formatted Message for email resources sent from we
    • Text Only Message for mobile app resources
  8. Select a Group you want to assign the resource to
  9. Choose Active if you want the resource to appear in the App
  10. Hit Save and Continue
  11. On the Page Builder, Hover your mouse on the left, a list of Blocks template should appear
  12. Select Surveys and Click and Drag the type of survey you want to use.
  13. To edit text. click on CONTENT on the upper left of the page. click the text you want to edit and a text editor should appear then hit save.
  14. After your are done with your survey questions, Hover you mouse again on the Blocks template list
  15. Under Survey, Click and Drag the FORM. (should be at the bottom of the list).
  16. Once done, Hit Publish on the upper right corner of the page.

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